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Just a post with a prompt table that I stole from [ profile] un_love_you. I'm not actually taking part in the challenge. I just want it for inspiration.

Table Below )

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I got this from [ profile] merngel. It's a massive prompt table. AFTER I finish my Big Bangs, betaing, and writing that Timer!AU, I'm going to tackle some of these prompts.

001.Steampunk AU. 002.Comedy Movie Fusion. 003.Alternate Season One. 004.Drama Movie Fusion. 005.Internet Celebrity AU.
006.Sci-Fi Movie Fusion. 007.Alternate Timeline. 008.Wild West AU. 009.Reality TV AU. 010.Documentary AU.
011.College AU. 012.Teacher/Student AU. 013.Heist Movie Fusion. 014.Alternate NegaVerse. 015.Fantasy AU.
016.Cyberpunk AU. 017.Mystical Creature AU. 018.Adventure Novel Fusion. 019.Changed Canon Event. 020.Royality AU.
021.Romantic Movie Fusion. 022.Genderswap. 023.Alternate Pre-Series. 024.Character Was Never Born. 025.Thriller Movie Fusion.
026.High School AU. 027.Occupational Business AU. 028.Time Travel. 029.Reality TV Fusion. 030.Political AU.
031.Sci-Fi TV Show Fusion. 032.War AU. 033.Post-1900's AU. 034.Changed Historical Event. 035.Non-Canon Death.
036.Band AU. 037.Primary School AU. 038.Switched Lives. 039.Artist AU. 040.Life After Death AU.
041.TV Drama Fusion. 042.Animal AU. 043.Sci-Fi Novel Fusion. 044.Superhero Fusion. 045.Kid!Fic.
046.Medical AU. 047.Sliders. 048.Talk Show AU. 049.Post-Apocalypse AU. 050.Character Never Left.
051.Action Movie Fusion. 052.Reincarnations. 053.Mythology AU. 054.Manga/Graphic Novel Fusion. 055.Based On A True Story Fusion.
056.TV Action Show Fusion. 057.Character Was Actually Good. 058.Romantic Comedy AU. 059.Series Has A Different Setting. 060.Fairy Tale AU.
061.Pirate AU. 062.Character Never Died. 063.Mafia AU. 064.Character Never Found Path. 065.Big City AU.
066.Amnesia. 067.Disaster Movie Fusion. 068.Slave AU. 069.Roommate AU. 070.Character Was Actually Evil.
071.Strange Profession AU. 072.Hooker AU. 073.Western Fusion. 074.Rich Kid/Poor Kid AU. 075.Urban Fantasy AU.
076.Holiday Special. 077.Dieselpunk AU. 078.Fantasy Novel Fusion. 079.Fairy Tale Fusion. 080.Inanimate Object AU.
081.Horror Movie Fusion. 082.Soap Opera AU. 083.Character Left Series Early. 084.Musical Theater Fusion. 085.International Spy AU.
086.Made-for-tv-movie Fusion. 087.Character Has An Evil Twin. 088.Heist AU. 089.Characters Aren't Actually Related. 090.Small Town AU.
091.Different Social Background. 092.Model AU. 093.Mystery Movie Fusion. 094.Actor AU. 095.Amish/Farmer AU.
096.Sitcom Fusion. 097.Adopted By Different Parents. 098.Robots/Androids AU. 099.Fantasy AU. 100.Characters Never Met.
101.Anime/Adult Cartoon Fusion. 102.Alien AU. 103.Character Turned Away From Path. 104.Happy Ending Turned Tragic. 105.Writer AU.
106.Fantasy TV Show Fusion. 107.Alternate Season Ending. 108.Relationship Ended. 109.Space AU. 110.Orphanage AU.
111.Canon Alternate Universe. 112.Pilot AU. 113.Magical Character Now Non-Magical. 114.Bartender AU. 115.Vampire AU.
116.Modern AU. 117.Video Game Fusion. 118.Medical TV Drama Fusion. 119.Paranormal AU. 120.Character Was Revived From Death.
121.Sports AU. 122.Woke Up In Another World. 123.Biker Gang AU. 124.Thriller Novel Fusion. 125.Club AU.
126.Time Loop. 127.Distopia AU. 128.Fantasy Movie Fusion. 129.Tragic Ending Turned Happy. 130.Dream World.
131.Relationship Never Ended. 132.Sports Movie Fusion. 133.Zombie AU. 134.Stranded AU. 135.Pre-1900's AU.
136.Kid Cartoon Fusion. 137.Doppelgangers. 138.Dancer AU. 139.Character Is A Clone. 140.Assassin AU.
141.Police Force AU. 142.Characters Are Actually Related. 143.Historical Fiction Fusion. 144.Werewolf AU. 145.Character Has A Clone.
146.Character Was "Re-Educated". 147.Utopia AU. 148.Kid TV Show Fusion. 149.Fan AU. 150.Pregnancy/Male Pregnancy.
151.Sports Movie Fusion. 152.Library AU. 153.Canon Isn't Real/Is A Dream. 154.Character Was Born Disabled. 155.Lawyer AU.
156.Chef AU. 157.Suspense Novel Fusion. 158.Government Agents AU. 159.Someone Never Died. 160.Magical Powers AU.
161.Sci-Fi AU. 162.Classical Literature Fusion. 163.Slave AU. 164.Prison AU. 165.Disney Fusion.
166.Film-noir AU. 167.Switched Character Roles. 168.Solo Singing Career AU. 169.Romance Novel Fusion. 170.Superhero AU.
171.Crime Drama Fusion. 172.Children's Book Fusion. 173.BC Era AU. 174.Priest AU. 175.Character Is The Evil Twin.
176.Comic Book Fusion. 177.Biopunk AU. 178.Epic Adventure AU. 179.Character Made A Different Choice. 180.Tragedy Novel Fusion.
181.AR of Choice. 182.AR of Choice. 183.AR of Choice. 184.AR of Choice. 185.AR of Choice.
186.Fusion of Choice. 187.Fusion of Choice. 188.Fusion of Choice. 189.Fusion of Choice. 190.Fusion of Choice.
191.Crossover of Choice. 192.Crossover of Choice. 193.Crossover of Choice. 194.Crossover of Choice. 195.Crossover of Choice.
196.AU of Choice. 197.AU of Choice. 198.AU of Choice. 199.AU of Choice. 200.AU of Choice.

Sources: Table made by [ profile] merngel. Blank table was found at [ profile] challenge_the. The ideas for some of the prompts came from Wikipedia, [ profile] comment_fic, [ profile] au_bingo, and FanBingo.


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