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I'm doing a sticky post with my Big Bang dates so I can keep track of everything I'm supposed to be doing. They're in order of dates. Progress is under the cuts.

1) [ profile] pre_post_spnbb - 10,000 word draft due April 15
Summary: The Winchester brothers meet Leverage Inc while trying to heist the same item. Turns out what they're trying to steal is cursed. Then things get complicated.
I need serious help )

2) [ profile] crossbigbang - 15,000 word draft due April 20
Summary: Castiel is an angel of the Lord using Jimmy Novak as a vessel. Dean is the righteous man destined to save Humanity. Together they fight crimemonsters. Now the BAU is investigating a bizzare string of grave desicrations, arsons, exorcisms gone wrong and homicides that don't look humanly possible.
Feel good about this one. )

3) [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang - 20,000 word draft due May 1
Summary: Growing up can't be easy for the gay or sexually confused. When Jensen and Jared meet in college, they're well on their way to being the men they were shaped into. Their friendship gives them the strength to change. And then their friendship changes. (A long, slow J2 romance).
There be words written down )

4) [ profile] darkangel_bb - 10,000 word draft due May 30
Summary: An AU for the second season of Dark Angel, told from Alec's point of view. Likely going to be Max/Alec.

4) [ profile] scifibigbang - 25,000 word draft due July 1
Summary: The Master is determined to obtain his own Tardis, and will stop at nothing to get it. Gwen Cooper/Williams finds herself in possession of a mysterious briefcase that doesn't really seem worth dying over. Captain Jack Harkness is in prison, but he knows what to do with the briefcase. And why is Ianto working for the Master? This is a Torchwood remake of the movie Willow, with Gwen as Willow, Jack as Madmartigan, Ianto as Sorcha, Tosh and Owen as Brownies (IDEK), and The Master as Queen Bavmorda.

5) [ profile] au_bigbang - 15,000 word draft due July 1
Summary: When implanted in a person's wrist, a TiMER counts down to the day the wearer finds true love. But Jared faces a rare dillema: his TiMER is blank. His soul mate doesn't have her TiMER implanted yet. Tired of waiting Jared decides to find love on his own. (A J2 remake of the movie Timer).

6) [ profile] deancasbigbang - 20,000 word draft due August 15
Summary: A sequel to A Love Story Told In Reverse. It's tentatively titled The Apocalypse Told on Repeat.

7) [ profile] j2_kane_bigbang - 10,000 word draft due August 31.
Summary: Not totally planned out yet, but it's going to be about polyamoury, featuring Jensen married to Danneel with a side of J2. It should be fun.

I'll keep updating this as I go. Draft dates will change to posting dates, and I'll add more Big Bangs as I go.

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So, I should be writing or doing lab work, but instead I'm doing memes. Because that's just how I roll.

Meme the first, stolen from [personal profile] fleshlycherry/[ profile] fleshlycherry: Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in or curious about. Leave your request as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them.

For Meme the second, stolen from [ profile] paracaerouvoar, there are spoilers for Full Metal Alchemist, Supernatural, and Final Fantasy VIII.

Meme The Second: Works in Progress )
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I'm now 1,000 words into my Leverage/SPN fic. Only 9,000 to go. Five days left to do it!

On the plus side, my afternoon is pretty open (might even go to donate blood), so I'll have some time to write. Bizmark starts puppy classes tonight, though, so there's an hour I don't have.

In other news, [personal profile] fleshlycherry/[ profile] fleshlycherry linked me to [ profile] inlovewithnight, who posted a meme that is relevant to my interests and 90% of my conversations with Cherry. It's SFW, but contains comments about kink, just to warn.

Fictional Kink Meme )
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I realized I have very little time to write three big bangs. I'm working on [ profile] pre_post_spnbb right now, with about 400 words, and the 10,000 word draft is due Friday >.>

On the plus side, with a stroke of inspiration I've decided the cursed item is a bangle, and Sophie puts it on, which is why she's the one to get cursed.

Wish me luck. Another 9,600 words to go! I'll keep you guys posted with issues and progress.
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[Poll #1727082]Criminal Minds/SPN BB is all plotted out for the [Poll #1727083]

Feels good to be posting about BigBangs again.

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[ profile] fleshlycherry mentioned that she was going to let life suck until April, and since today is April 1st, she has pressed the reset button. I thought this was a good idea, and I am joining her.

My life has been a bit of a mess since last fall, with my medical mystery (AKA stomach problems of doom) and a diagnosis of clinical depression. I hit rock bottom in the beginning of March with a full blown panic attack, and things have slowly been getting better since then, but I'm still not on the ball when it comes to work or relationships.

So, today I hit the reset button. I'm going to be more organized, more motivated and happier. I'm going to start with getting Bizmark (the most adorable puppy ever) on a regular schedule. This means getting up at 6:00 am (something I've been trying to do since last summer), and getting him going to the bathroom every 2 hours when I'm home with him. It also means walking him more, which will in turn make me feel better.

Next, I'm going to finish the stupid grant thing that has been killing me since the end of February. I keep putting it off for no good reason, even though I know it's well written and there isn't much to fix. I'm going to reward myself with Season 5 of Bones, ice cream from Marble Slab, and the ability to fully concentrate on my Big Bangs.

Then, I'm going to plan out my experiments and be more consistant with getting into the lab on time. No more dawdling in my appartment until 10am. I will be in the lab by 8:30 every day, and I will be out by 4:30. And I will spend my lab time actually working (though there will be breaks where I snack and talk to [ profile] fleshlycherry, because what else is science for.

Finally, I'm going to make more of an effort to hang with friends. I've been putting off having M come to visit since I last saw him in August, so I'll firm up plans. Then, I will make more of an effort to get out with the friends I have in London. It's easier, because we've started doing puppy play dates, but I want to get back to going out to trivia, or going to see movies. Finally, I'm going to start going to the dog park once Bizmark is old enough. I want to go the same time twice a week so that Bizmark and I can both make friends.

Reset button is now pushed! I invite you to do the same. It's like New Years resolutions, but with sunny weather and the advent of spring upon us ;)

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Last night the puppy let me sleep through the night again (mostly) and didn't pee in his crate. Peed twice in his crate yesterday, telling me he honestly can't go more than two hours alone >.> I'm now planning my days/experiments accordingly.

On that note, with my 6 hours of relatively uninterrupted sleep, I had a dream that Dean and Castiel were a couple in canon, and Dean would get flustered every time Cas refered to him as his boyfriend, or did something "Because Dean is his boyfriend." It was like fanfiction, IN MY BRAIN!

Great night sleep.

On another note, [ profile] pre_post_spnbb draft is due in a month. Going to start writing that in earnest, now. Go Dean/Cas/Eliot FTW!

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Thanks to [Poll #1716299]There will be more plotting details later, but that's it for now.  It's starting to shape up.
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I honestly don't know what was going on in my brain when I signed up for three Big Bangs at the same time.

The [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang is going alright. I have 1000+ words written and I haven't even gotten to the good parts.

The [ profile] crossbigbang is also okay. I have the whole thing plotted out, and I've re-watched some Criminal Minds and The Rapture to get a feel for Jimmy, but OMG there's a lot of words that need to be written.

The [ profile] pre_post_spnbb is a bit of a disaster. I know that it features Crowley!Sterling, a cursed object (possibly a biblical weapon), and a Dean/Cas/Eliot lust!fest, but other than that I'm lost.


Right now the only things I know for sure is that there will be a lot of angst and threesomes, and that Dean is going to get pissed off at Nate.


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So, for the Leverage/Supernatural fic, I still need to know if Dean and Cas were in a relationship before the fic. I'm kind of leaning towards "They were, but nothing concrete, and Cas is still busy with Heaven, so Dean is feeling neglected, but angsting because he still loves Cas."


Also, [ profile] fleshlycherry made the good point that the outcome of Dean's fights with people will be entirely dependent on whether or not there is sex involved.

Onto the polls:

I finsihed plotting the Criminal Minds/Supernatrual fic for my [ profile] crossbigbang, but I've got a few issues that could go either way:

[Poll #1713544]I'm leaning towards Dean sells his soul for Sammy, because it fits in well with the scene where Jimmy tries to dominate Dean, and Dean tells him to fuck off.


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I think I might actually be bat shit crazy. [ profile] paracaerouvoar wanted to be reminded of what it would feel like to finish the Big Bangs. I responded with "Also, you will feel elated when you finish your BB. The endorphins will be pumping, and you will completely forget how much pain and suffering you went through to get there. Then you'll eat ice cream. It will be glorious!"

Now, I'm sitting here thinking... wait, that's actually how I felt after I finished the half marathon this morning o.O Well, that, plus a lot of pain and a large quantity of wine.

I finished the Disney Princess half Marathon in 2 hours, 56 minutes, and 48 seconds. My goal was to finish under 3 hours, so I'm ecstatic. I also came in 7991 out of nearly 17,000 registrants. *Does a happy dance*

Unfortunately, I'm already thinking of the next race I should do. (The Nike Women's Marathon in San Fransisco awards Tiffany's necklaces at the end of the race, and they're handed out by Firemen in Tuxedos. It's also in the Fall, so there would be no winter training in crazy snow). One of our team members also coaches for Triathlons, which would be super cool, and I'm considering doing a full marathon in the distant future.

So, like my writing, I'm apparently addicted to things that are far too long for any sane person to consider.

Because I'm bat shit crazy.


I'll post the photos and an story about all of my training on Tuesday, as well as the progress from the big bangs.

I feel kind of high right now. :)
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So, I may or may not have signed up for the [ profile] darkangel_bb last night (because, you know, baby Jensen (bb!Jensen) plays Alec in the second season). [ profile] fleshlycherry had words about this. The words might have gone something like this:

[ profile] fleshlycherry: and how do you plan on doing Dean/Eliot/Cas justice if you're thinking about bb!Jensen? or what about scientist!Jensen? or bb!Dean/Cas? WHAT ABOUT MY FUCKING TIMER!AU? How do you think it makes them feel to know that you're not even through with them and already you're moving on to something younger and prettier?
how is he going to feel?
like shit, thats how

I'll post an update about Ottawa and the progress of the other bangs once I've got the photos uploaded.

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I posted this, and then it died when I tried to edit something, so we'll try it again!

I just signed up for the [ profile] crossbigbang (it's only 15,000 words). I've been planing on doing a Criminal Minds/Supernatural cross over for a while, since someone posted a prompt in a Dean/Cas kink meme about Jimmy thinking he was an angel, and getting a young Dean involved in his insanity. I was watching Criminal Minds at the time, and this is what I came up with.

Summary: Castiel is an angel of the Lord using Jimmy Novak as a vessel. Dean is the righteous man destined to save Humanity. Together they fight crimemonsters. Now the BAU is investigating a bizzare string of grave desicrations, arsons, exorcisms gone wrong and homicides that don't look humanly possible.

It's going to feature age difference (Jimmy is ~35, while Dean is ~19), distinctive D/s themes in their relationship and probably a lot of gore.

My question for you guys is whether Jimmy is an insane man who has Dean wrapped up in his psychosis due to the way his schizophrenic father raised him, or is it trufax monsther hunting?

[Poll #1681860]

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ETA/PREFACE: [ profile] fleshlycherry is a really classy, upstanding lady. It's part of what makes her inner Chad so awesome.

I chat with [ profile] fleshlycherry way too much during the day, and we discuss fic. Here are some more thought out portions of conversation from my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang:

Context: Jensen has just broken up (or been dumped) by the guy he's seeing, and Jared is there to comfort him. Jared believes the whole dating men thing was an experiment on Jensen's part.

Jensen: I suck at dating. It's obvious I'm going to die alone.
Jared: No. You're a great guy. You're funny. You're kind. You're smart. And you're hot. Any girl will be lucky to have you.
Jensen: *snorts* But not you.
Jared: Huh?
Jensen: But no guys. Not you.
Jared: What do you mean?
Jensen: How many men do I have to fuck before you'll believe I'm in love with you!
Jared: sure you love me, but like a friend and you're not gay
Jensen: You know what. Fuck you. Get out.

Context: After the previous conversation Jared goes home and bitches to his roommate Chad about how unreasonable Jensen is.

Chad: Dude, he wants your hot dude-bit in his dude-bit
Jared: o.O?
Chad: He wants your man meat!
Jared: o.0!
Chad: oh just fuck him already. Thats when you put your dick in his ass.
Jared: dude! I know what sex is
Chad: Good. Then go have it with him.
Jared: Jensen's not gay.
Chad: He was gay the one time your dick was in him. He's been screwing dudes.
Jared: He was drunk, and the rest was an experiment.
Chad:Some dude was jizzing in your boy's face. That dude came right in your boy's eye! *jerking off/pettle throwing* And he liked it. For [x number] of months.

Obviously this needs to be polished up a bit, but that's the general idea. [ profile] fleshlycherry needs to be credited for a lot of this (i.e. the whole "how many men" bit, and the most of second conversation. I love her inner Chad.
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I'm working on the J2 Big Bang right now, and I keep getting lines that I want to stick in it. I figured I should write them down for posterities sake.

"I don't think I've ever been in love."

"I guess at some point you just have to take a leap of faith and just give in."

"I think I'm too much of a realist for this romance crap."

One of the Js is going to be very pessemistic about love, aparently. Can't decide which one.

[Poll #1680778]

ETAOther lines:

Jensen: "How many men do I have to fuck before you'll believe I love you."


Chad: "Some dude is getting jizz in your boy's eye RIGHT NOW." ([ profile] fleshlycherry channelling her inner CMM).

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I got this from [ profile] merngel. It's a massive prompt table. AFTER I finish my Big Bangs, betaing, and writing that Timer!AU, I'm going to tackle some of these prompts.

001.Steampunk AU. 002.Comedy Movie Fusion. 003.Alternate Season One. 004.Drama Movie Fusion. 005.Internet Celebrity AU.
006.Sci-Fi Movie Fusion. 007.Alternate Timeline. 008.Wild West AU. 009.Reality TV AU. 010.Documentary AU.
011.College AU. 012.Teacher/Student AU. 013.Heist Movie Fusion. 014.Alternate NegaVerse. 015.Fantasy AU.
016.Cyberpunk AU. 017.Mystical Creature AU. 018.Adventure Novel Fusion. 019.Changed Canon Event. 020.Royality AU.
021.Romantic Movie Fusion. 022.Genderswap. 023.Alternate Pre-Series. 024.Character Was Never Born. 025.Thriller Movie Fusion.
026.High School AU. 027.Occupational Business AU. 028.Time Travel. 029.Reality TV Fusion. 030.Political AU.
031.Sci-Fi TV Show Fusion. 032.War AU. 033.Post-1900's AU. 034.Changed Historical Event. 035.Non-Canon Death.
036.Band AU. 037.Primary School AU. 038.Switched Lives. 039.Artist AU. 040.Life After Death AU.
041.TV Drama Fusion. 042.Animal AU. 043.Sci-Fi Novel Fusion. 044.Superhero Fusion. 045.Kid!Fic.
046.Medical AU. 047.Sliders. 048.Talk Show AU. 049.Post-Apocalypse AU. 050.Character Never Left.
051.Action Movie Fusion. 052.Reincarnations. 053.Mythology AU. 054.Manga/Graphic Novel Fusion. 055.Based On A True Story Fusion.
056.TV Action Show Fusion. 057.Character Was Actually Good. 058.Romantic Comedy AU. 059.Series Has A Different Setting. 060.Fairy Tale AU.
061.Pirate AU. 062.Character Never Died. 063.Mafia AU. 064.Character Never Found Path. 065.Big City AU.
066.Amnesia. 067.Disaster Movie Fusion. 068.Slave AU. 069.Roommate AU. 070.Character Was Actually Evil.
071.Strange Profession AU. 072.Hooker AU. 073.Western Fusion. 074.Rich Kid/Poor Kid AU. 075.Urban Fantasy AU.
076.Holiday Special. 077.Dieselpunk AU. 078.Fantasy Novel Fusion. 079.Fairy Tale Fusion. 080.Inanimate Object AU.
081.Horror Movie Fusion. 082.Soap Opera AU. 083.Character Left Series Early. 084.Musical Theater Fusion. 085.International Spy AU.
086.Made-for-tv-movie Fusion. 087.Character Has An Evil Twin. 088.Heist AU. 089.Characters Aren't Actually Related. 090.Small Town AU.
091.Different Social Background. 092.Model AU. 093.Mystery Movie Fusion. 094.Actor AU. 095.Amish/Farmer AU.
096.Sitcom Fusion. 097.Adopted By Different Parents. 098.Robots/Androids AU. 099.Fantasy AU. 100.Characters Never Met.
101.Anime/Adult Cartoon Fusion. 102.Alien AU. 103.Character Turned Away From Path. 104.Happy Ending Turned Tragic. 105.Writer AU.
106.Fantasy TV Show Fusion. 107.Alternate Season Ending. 108.Relationship Ended. 109.Space AU. 110.Orphanage AU.
111.Canon Alternate Universe. 112.Pilot AU. 113.Magical Character Now Non-Magical. 114.Bartender AU. 115.Vampire AU.
116.Modern AU. 117.Video Game Fusion. 118.Medical TV Drama Fusion. 119.Paranormal AU. 120.Character Was Revived From Death.
121.Sports AU. 122.Woke Up In Another World. 123.Biker Gang AU. 124.Thriller Novel Fusion. 125.Club AU.
126.Time Loop. 127.Distopia AU. 128.Fantasy Movie Fusion. 129.Tragic Ending Turned Happy. 130.Dream World.
131.Relationship Never Ended. 132.Sports Movie Fusion. 133.Zombie AU. 134.Stranded AU. 135.Pre-1900's AU.
136.Kid Cartoon Fusion. 137.Doppelgangers. 138.Dancer AU. 139.Character Is A Clone. 140.Assassin AU.
141.Police Force AU. 142.Characters Are Actually Related. 143.Historical Fiction Fusion. 144.Werewolf AU. 145.Character Has A Clone.
146.Character Was "Re-Educated". 147.Utopia AU. 148.Kid TV Show Fusion. 149.Fan AU. 150.Pregnancy/Male Pregnancy.
151.Sports Movie Fusion. 152.Library AU. 153.Canon Isn't Real/Is A Dream. 154.Character Was Born Disabled. 155.Lawyer AU.
156.Chef AU. 157.Suspense Novel Fusion. 158.Government Agents AU. 159.Someone Never Died. 160.Magical Powers AU.
161.Sci-Fi AU. 162.Classical Literature Fusion. 163.Slave AU. 164.Prison AU. 165.Disney Fusion.
166.Film-noir AU. 167.Switched Character Roles. 168.Solo Singing Career AU. 169.Romance Novel Fusion. 170.Superhero AU.
171.Crime Drama Fusion. 172.Children's Book Fusion. 173.BC Era AU. 174.Priest AU. 175.Character Is The Evil Twin.
176.Comic Book Fusion. 177.Biopunk AU. 178.Epic Adventure AU. 179.Character Made A Different Choice. 180.Tragedy Novel Fusion.
181.AR of Choice. 182.AR of Choice. 183.AR of Choice. 184.AR of Choice. 185.AR of Choice.
186.Fusion of Choice. 187.Fusion of Choice. 188.Fusion of Choice. 189.Fusion of Choice. 190.Fusion of Choice.
191.Crossover of Choice. 192.Crossover of Choice. 193.Crossover of Choice. 194.Crossover of Choice. 195.Crossover of Choice.
196.AU of Choice. 197.AU of Choice. 198.AU of Choice. 199.AU of Choice. 200.AU of Choice.

Sources: Table made by [ profile] merngel. Blank table was found at [ profile] challenge_the. The ideas for some of the prompts came from Wikipedia, [ profile] comment_fic, [ profile] au_bingo, and FanBingo.


Feb. 8th, 2011 02:33 am
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It's 2:30 in the morning, and I have to be up in 4.5 hours, and I can't get to sleep. FML.

On the plus side, I did plot out all of my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. I had to drop out of the [ profile] apocabigbang because of health reasons (i.e. I was sick, so it didn't get done). Still going to write it for the March 5t, deadline, though.

Any tips for beating insomnia?

ETA: Realized the Dr. Pepper, unlike the Rootbeer, actually has caffeine in it. I haven't had caffeine in about two weeks. My stomach is going to hate me.

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[ profile] fleshlycherry of A Very Supernatural Weekend fame is coming to visit for an impromptu long weekend. We're going to see Finger Eleven in concert tonight (at a cowboy bar o.O, of all places), watching movies and writing drunken fic. I'm doing the Sex Is Not The Enemy Fic/Art/Whatever-a-thon, in which my prompt is somewhat uninspiring, but I'll be drinking, so it should get done first. Then I can write some more Big Bangs.

I've got three on the go right now:

1) [ profile] apocabigbang, rough draft due 5. I've got to get up to 10,000 words by next weekend, so wish me luck. It's a sequel to A Love Story Told In Reverse"

2) [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, rough draft due May 1, and it's 20,000 words. It's going to be a long, slow J2 romance. I'm really looking forward to writing it.

3) [ profile] pre_post_spnbb, rough draft due April 7, and it's only 10,000 words. It's going to be a SPN/Leverage cross over, and as per [ profile] larantula's suggestion it's going to be some kind of messed up Dean/Cas/Eliot triangle/threesome thing, with a side of Hardison/Parker for the cute.

[ profile] fleshlycherry and I are also going to be watching Timer this weekend, in the hopes that she will get me to do a movie remix of it for my fan bingo card. That's all for now. I'll post photos if this weekend gets as epic as expected.

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I cooked a meal for myself for the first time since I got back from Cuba! Stomach seems to be somewhat on the mend, which means the depressive mood lifts, too :) I had a hamburgur with sweet potato fries, and once I finish my salad I'm going to eat ice cream ;)

I finished season three of Leverage, and I really don't like this whole having to wait for the next season. I've signed up for [ profile] pre_post_spnbb and I'm going to do a SPN/Leverage cross over. The first time I saw Mark Sheppard in Leverage I shrugged and thought, "So that's how Crowley made his money." Then there's the Jensen Ackles, Chris Kane connection, so I couldn't resist.

Yes, I'm working on three Bangs right now >.>

On a musical note, does anyone know how I can get my hands on some of Kane's music?

Also, everyone should go out and listen to Mumford and Sons. I got their album Sigh No More yesterday, and I can't stop listening to it. I honestly like every song on it.

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I've signed up to do the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang. I've got the idea of a long, slow burn romance AU thing. It started off as an offhanded Jensen/Misha RPF thing, then it morphed into the idea I've got, and I'm uncertain about the pairing. Jensen/Jared is what I'm sitting at now, but since it's from Jensen's POV, it wouldn't be hard to pair him with Misha, either. It could even work as a Dean/Cas fic (possibly from Cas' POV), but I'm kind of into RPF at the moment.

What do you guys think?

[Poll #1669527]

On another note, I watched the first season of Leverage, and I absolutely love it. I'd forgotten how big a crush I had on Chris Kane back in his Angel days, and Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf are awesome as well. I was torn between watching Leverage and Hawai-5-O, and Leverage wins hands down.

On another, other note, I went to Cuba for the first week of January, and it was awesome. I'll post photos later. My only complaint is that due to stomach problems, I couldn't eat the food or drink the booze. I lost 2 lbs in Cuba, and another 5 since I got back. At this point I don't think I can really stand to be losing weight...


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