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In other news, I wrote a couple of J2 shorts for the Schmoopy J2 Comment Fic Meme in the beginning of February. I forgot to post them here. It was my trial run for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang.

Title: On Valentines Day
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 972
Summary: Jensen and Jared are two friends living together. Jensen hates Valentine's Day, but Jared surprises him anyway. The prompt is from [ profile] jojothecr

Valentine's Day is commercial )

Title: Thanks for Coming
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,215
Summary: Jensen's trips to Walmart increase exponentially when they hire the new store front greeter. The prompt is from [ profile] whatjuliewrites

The Walmart is really close to his house. )

I kind of want to play around more with the second one, but after I've finished everything else on my plate.

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Back in September I took part in in [ profile] deancastiel's Secret Angel Exchange. They revealed the authors yesterday, so I can claim it now. I'd been dying to write a fic set to Flobot’s song by the same name. It was originally posted here.

Title: By The Time You Get This Message
Written for [ profile] prettify
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Word Count: ~4,700
Notes/Prompt(s): I covered “Road trip,” “Dean’s whumpy sweater,” and “Band!AU.”
Summary: Castiel was an musician. Dean was an electrician. They meet in Saint Louis, and almost fall in love.

It’s ridiculous, really. )

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We were invited to post snippets of our fics for the big bang. Here's what I posted:

Opening the box one last time to make sure everything was still there, Castiel reassured himself he was doing the right thing. With a deep breath, he crouched down and placed the small tin in the dirt. He let out the breath, and inhaled again before he pushed the dirt and gravel back over it.

He took his time standing up, straightening his spine before pushing into the heels of his feet. Brushing the dirt from his hands onto the trench coat, he turned to face Crowley. The demon’s scent permeating the air made it easy to shift the blame for his unease.

Castiel waited for the demon to speak.

“You’re probably the last creature I ever expected to have darken my doorstep,” Crowley began, sauntering over with his hands clasped behind his back. “Common consensus is that you’re upstairs reaping the benefits of the new promotion, but a little bird told me you’d gone AWOL.”

The statement was left open-ended; a gesture Castiel had learned meant he was supposed to fill in the details. Even so, he continued to wait, head tilted to one side. He hoped his silence might put Crowley on edge, making their negotiations go in his favour.

It seemed to work at bringing out Crowley’s impatience. “I know this isn’t a matter of visiting old friends, so I’ll assume it has something to do with the sorry state of affairs the Winchesters find themselves in.

“So tell me,” Crowley said, one side of his mouth quirking up in a wicked grin. He clasped his hands in front of him before presenting his open palms. “What can I do to help an Angel of the Lord that he can’t do for himself?”

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I haven't been doing much of anything lately, mainly because I can't manage to keep my eyes open. I've been having stomach trouble and I've been sleeping at least 12 hours a day off and on for the past two weeks, and then all of this weekend I felt like a sac of garbage. I finally went to the clinic on Monday, got some blood tests done, and found out this morning my Vit. B12 levels are low. It worries me, because it's pretty rare unless you don't eat meat, poultry, fish or dairy, all of which I consume on a regular basis... I'm going to pick up some supplements at the doctors suggestion, and hopefully things will improve.

As it stands, it's all I can do to haul my ass into the lab, so I've been pulling half days because I don't trust myself not to screw things up in a major way. I've also been slacking on the BigBang (which I need the draft done by Sunday...

What I have been doing is making my way through the J2 big bang archives, because suddenly I can't get enough of J2 AUs. Something to do with Jared Padilecki and ridiculously large hands...

Anyway, back to work for me, before I fall asleep at my desk...

ETA: Turns out I have a few more days for the BigBang than expected. It's just check-ins and snipit posts on the 15th, and the drafts aren't due until the 20th.

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I'm amazed with myself, but I actually have the whole BigBang plotted out, except for two things.

1) Dean ends up in Hell for a second time, and I'm not sure if he should break or not this time around.

2) I need a BAMF!omnipotent figure (The image of Handlebars!Doctor comes to mind o.O). Barring the Doctor, I was thinking Kali (or some aspect), a figure from an obscure religion (thinking Zoroastrianism), or Cas.

Any thoughts?

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I was in the middle of putting out a plea for help in developing a conflict for the ever expanding Big Bang fic, when I started talking to my awesome British friend. I explained the background for the story, she thought about it for a minute, and then responded with "Kali."

Not thirty minutes of research later, we've cobbled together a working idea that's folded itself seamlessly into the original idea, the season finale, and the blink-and-you'll-miss-it crossover.

I love my awesome British friend.

In other news, I also love [ profile] fleshlycherry and [ profile] themega5 for an awesome Saturday night. There was a ridiculous amount of dancing and breakfast the next morning, and I really needed that. Puscifer isn't as awesome as The Mission led me to believe, though.


May. 20th, 2010 04:00 pm
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A question for my (limited) flist. I'm doing the DeanCas Big Bang, and I'm trying to decided whether Castiel's main personality trait should be Ignorant-of-humans!Cas, BAMF!Cas, or The-End!Cas.

I've got a beginning, and an end, but the middle is a little fuzzy.

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For [ profile] queenklu, from [ profile] notragicmercury, written for [ profile] merlin_santa
[ profile] queenklu wanted Merlin/Arthur, with a dash of Merlin/Will for the jealousy, and a huge, heaping cup of “somethingthe magic made them do it.” This is what spewed forth. I think it might be overly influenced by the angst in season two.
AN: This was supposed to be both longer and shorter than it turned out to be. I have the sneaking suspicion that if this is well received it’s going to be expanded for background and further conclusion, and Merlin’s POV will be added.

Title: Don’t Say No
Disclaimer: I write this for free, when I could be doing the work I’m actually paid for.
Rating: Hard NC-17
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Word Count: 9,753 (It was supposed to be 2,000).
Warnings/Spoilers: Allusions to non/dub-con. Minor physical abuse. Hot sex.
Summary: AU. Merlin is taken in by Strathclyde’s King, Ceretic, as a child, where he is given the opportunity to practice magic, and is eventually given a place as court advisor. Arthur and Merlin meet when Uther and Ceretic enter into negotiations for an alliance, and Arthur is quick to pick up on the fact that there is something about Merlin.

Don't Say No )


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