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I've been going crossed eyed for the last two hours playing in photoshop to make rudimentary banners and staring at source code to figure out how to make all the fancy links and formatting you usually see in communities.

But it was mostly successful! Click on the banner to see how [ profile] torchwood_santa is shaping up so far.

Team Torchwood
Come join us at [ profile] torchwood_santa a secret santa community for the vitual exchange of fanworks in the Torwood Fandom. Sign up begins November 1.

If anyone wants to help out, let me know ;) I've had a few volunteers so far.


Day 13 - What is your favorite television pairing?

You mean we weren't supposed to be focusing on television pairings before? Like I said already, I ship Dean/Castiel hard core at the moment, with Jack/Ianto coming in a close second. Aside from those, of actual canon pairings, I'd have to say Rose and the Doctor. He means the world to her, and she helped him be a little bit more compassionate.

Remaining Days )

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I'm amazed with myself, but I actually have the whole BigBang plotted out, except for two things.

1) Dean ends up in Hell for a second time, and I'm not sure if he should break or not this time around.

2) I need a BAMF!omnipotent figure (The image of Handlebars!Doctor comes to mind o.O). Barring the Doctor, I was thinking Kali (or some aspect), a figure from an obscure religion (thinking Zoroastrianism), or Cas.

Any thoughts?

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Dear [ profile] fleshlycherry:

Thank you for posting the link for the Eminem/Rihanna song. It's most enjoyable. I'm going to proceed with listening to it to infinity.

As a reward, I think I'm going to start sending you Flobots. Do you already have Handlebars?


In other news, I'm sick, and my lab work still isn't working. I'm also torn between working out, cleaning my apartment, watching Stonehenge Apocalypse (because it has Misha Colins), and watching Criminal Minds (because I just went out and bought the first three seasons).

I also know how Rose and the Doctor met, and it makes episode 11 in season two make a lot more sense. I didn't know where the mannequins had come from.

Finally, I had a not!date with my cute/nerdy friend, and now I'm torn between asking him on an actual date or not, because he's the room mate of the other friend I turned down, and that would make sexy times very awkward.

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So, this weekend was pretty much amazing. Had a house warming party for some friends and played beer pong for the first time. Got our dresses fitted for the wedding in June, got the bride's hair done up in a trial, and got her something nice to wear under the dress.

Then [ profile] fleshlycherry came with me to Guelph where we did the Guelph revival tour, which included Bombay Cafe and Abstract. The major point of this, however, is that she showed me the Doctor Who Handlebars video (and I may or may not be the only person who's never seen it before). I then proceeded to listen to the song on repeat, all of last night, and I'm still going strong. In case you haven't seen it, here it is in all of its glory.

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So, in addition to watching Children of Earth last night, I just mowed my way through the last Doctor Who specials with David Tennant. And to top it off, Supernatural season finale, where apparently someone is going to die (again).

I may or may not be a glutton for punishment.

On the plus side, lots of fic ideas. I'm going to decide after this SPN episode whether or not I want to do the BigBang, because I've got an idea that may or may not work.


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