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I took this fandom meme from [ profile] larantula. I did it in the lab instead of going home, because I'm awesome like that.

Fandom in review )
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When I first joined LJ, I was a die hard Merlin/Arthur fangirl, and I only got into other shows and fandoms during the hiatus this year...

That said, parts of the third season of Merlin make me very angry. I've started hating the appearance of Gwen (though I still love Gwen/Lancelot).

Worse, though, is that I watched last weeks episode and found myself shipping Merlin/Gwaine.

I feel like I'm comitting some kind of blasphamy.

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Start with the meme, which I keep forgetting:

Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene? )

Day 08 - The pairing with the most baggage? )

Remaining days )

It's been such a long time since I've been able to use my go go science! tag. The last three weeks of work before I went on holidays was plagued by badly made common stocks that killed my cells, missing reagents, and the epic stress of grant writing season. I was getting dangerously close to the "I hate science and want to start [insert questionable career of your choice here, I'm thinking guppy breeding]."

That said, this week I've successfully cloned a mutation into one of the isoforms of my protein, and I've successfully detected SUMOylation of both isoforms.

In non-science terms, I've found something that contributes to our understanding of how certain nerve cells work. Ideally, this will shed light on what happens to our brains as we age and in different neurodegenerative diseases.

I've got another three to four years of work to do on this, but it isn't hopless!!!


Also, I'm going to go to Cuba next year! It's mostly exciting, because I haven't actually gone anywhere for vacation since I was seventeen. I managed to score an invite for a course in Brazil in April, which was a free trip there (the first time I'd left southern Ontario in six years), but this will be the first for pleasure only trip in a while. [ profile] bloodredmoon1, aka my awesome British friend, is in to go with me. We're waiting on a few more people, but I'll probably have the trip booked by next week.

On another note, I got feedback from [ profile] fleshlycherry about by D/C BB. Lots of sections to revise and rework because she calls me on it every time I fall into summarizing/skipping scenes, for being to wordy, and for waving my slash wand and going with the "because I said so" explanation. She didn't call me on my overuse of semicolons

I'm lucky she likes me as much as she does, because she isn't even a D/C shipper.

I've gotten to thinking about my NaNo, though, which is the sequel to the BB. I'm thinking it's going to need more Crowley, and after reading Good Omens, I've decided to go with the fact that it's the same demon. That said, should I include Aziraphale?

I'm also trying to decide if I should include the crossover bit that didn't actually get hinted in the BB. It's also trying to blend in with my [ profile] syfybigbang, because hey, that's the way my brain works, but I've put my foot down, because it's too ridiculous.

Which leads me to the only not awesome part of my day: What to do my syfy/merlin BB on?

Also, SPN premiere tomorrow! My dad's birthday party was rescheduled for Sunday, so I'll be able to watch the whole thing as it airs! I'm pathetically excited.

All of the positive vibes I'm grooving with right now have translated into helping me shed some of the weight I put on while sick, which is also happy making.

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Day 05 - The pairing with the least chemistry?
A tie between Bo/Dyson (because seriously, when did that become a good idea? Two episodes in and I hate it) and Arthur/Gwen. There's a lot more chemistry between Gwen and Lancelot, while most of you know my feelings about who Arthur is best suited with...

Remaining Days )


Sep. 16th, 2010 10:07 am
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I think it's a bad thing, but I'm really excited about TV this fall.

Lost Girls was a bit of a bust, but I'll watch the second episode on Sunday to see if it improves. I felt like the acting was a little weak, and neither the storyline or the characters really gripped me, but it could just be that I was tired.

Merlin is epic, even if Morgana kind of makes me cringe now. I was annoyed by how weak she seemed to be in season 2, now she's just annoying. Arthur's also gone back to being a prat. But it's okay, because Morgause is cool, and Merlin is all kinds of epic.

Criminal minds starts on Wednesday, so I really need to catch up and watch the fifth season soon.

Supernatural starts next Friday, and OMG! The trailer! It makes it look pretty epic. I just wish they weren't airing on Friday nights. I think it's safe to say that it's on its last season because of that.

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So I've learned some fun things this week.

1) Never trust things from another lab. ALWAYS verify that it's what you expect it to be. They both lie, and have no idea what they're talking about.

2) Campus is so much better when there are no students. The traffic lights change faster, there are no crowds to weave through, no lines for coffee, no undergrads using the culture hoods when you need them, and not as many people at trivia, meaning we place in rounds some times.

3) My cousin and her husband are awesome, and really fun. Went out for dinner with them and my great aunt, then watched olympics with them (not the hockey, though, because I was afraid of seeing Canada loose to the US).

4)I really need to plan my time better.

In an effort to make better use of my time, here's what the next few weeks will look like:

A) I'm starting a jogging program. Four days a week, which gets me my four workouts for the fitness challenge I'm doing with my friend. I can run 5 minutes straight right now, which is pitiful, and I'm hoping at the end of 6 weeks I'll be able to go for 30 minutes straight.

B) Working from 8:30 - 4:30, so that I'm not stuck in the lab until 7:30pm. I'm going to focus on confocal microscopy until I have the issues from the other labs supplies sorted out. On the plus side, both seem to finally be working. Changed the conditions and saw a single band on my western blot, meaning I've probably found SUMO, and hydrogen peroxide is affecting my protein's distribution in cells :)

C) Working on the game [ profile] themega5 and I are running for Gryphcon this year, and making the costumes for the LARP. Spent 50$ on fabric, and have the paterns to make formal Chinese Han robes. Crab people

D) Writing a chapter a day. I've got a lot of things to write up now. I still need to finish my Merlin drabble series. I've also claimed two movies for [ profile] reel_torchwood: Willow and Fifth Element. I'm writing the Willow one right now, and it's actually turning out better than I hoped. Going to do Fifth Element next, then finish the drabble series. Once that's done, I'll likely work in earnest on the Torchwood epic I've got in my head. Looks like it's going to be three or four parts. Then back to the AU Merlin series I started over Christmas.

I'm also giving up stuff (belatedly) for Lent, because I forgot it had started. Giving up pop, alcohol, and baked goods. Means no more of my mom's delicious breakfast foods when I go home, but it's likely worth it.

I've bought a bottle of Reisling to enjoy once Lent is over.

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[ profile] davidbrider made me this video for the [ profile] merlin_santa gift exchange.

Come With Me Where the Magic Is

I asked for a Merlin fan vid to anything by Sonata Arctica, and this definately exceeded my expectations :)

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For [ profile] queenklu, from [ profile] notragicmercury, written for [ profile] merlin_santa
[ profile] queenklu wanted Merlin/Arthur, with a dash of Merlin/Will for the jealousy, and a huge, heaping cup of “somethingthe magic made them do it.” This is what spewed forth. I think it might be overly influenced by the angst in season two.
AN: This was supposed to be both longer and shorter than it turned out to be. I have the sneaking suspicion that if this is well received it’s going to be expanded for background and further conclusion, and Merlin’s POV will be added.

Title: Don’t Say No
Disclaimer: I write this for free, when I could be doing the work I’m actually paid for.
Rating: Hard NC-17
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Word Count: 9,753 (It was supposed to be 2,000).
Warnings/Spoilers: Allusions to non/dub-con. Minor physical abuse. Hot sex.
Summary: AU. Merlin is taken in by Strathclyde’s King, Ceretic, as a child, where he is given the opportunity to practice magic, and is eventually given a place as court advisor. Arthur and Merlin meet when Uther and Ceretic enter into negotiations for an alliance, and Arthur is quick to pick up on the fact that there is something about Merlin.

Don't Say No )

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Short post regarding writing. For someone who has become quite used to writing 100 word drabbles in present tense, I'm finding this Merlin_Santa thing rather mind fucking. It's growing on 5000 words and still going. And this is after I cut out 90% of the idea...

To top it off, I'm watching Alice, some really messed up rendition of Alice in Wonderland that is equally full of mindfuckery and quite awesome.

I think my brain will explode.
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Master Post for the series of drabbles describing the escalation of Arthur and Merlin's relationship from servant and master to freinds to lovers. Portrayed as Arthur's action and Merlin's Reaction.

Part I: Underestimation and Unbidden
Part II: Appreciation and Augmentation
Part III: Envious and Enamoured
Part IV: Rational and Rapture
Part V: Confessions and Confusion
Interlude I Morgana's POV
Part VI: Sublime and Surrender
Part VII: Beguiled and Beloved
Part VII: Despair and Devotion
Interlude II Gwen's POV
Part VIII: Pain and Perversion
Part IX: Objectionable and Observations
Part X: Love and Lost
Part XI: Questionable and Quest

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AN: A series of drabbles centring on Arthur and Merlin's relationship, based on Arthur's actions and Merlin's Reactions.
Disclaimer: I should not be posting pr0n at work. They pay me for work. The pr0n is done for free.
Title: Questionable Quest
Warning/Spoilers: Minor spoilers for basic Arthurian legend.
Word Count: 100 each
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Merlin leaves with a parting gift.

Questionable: What he doesn't understand is why. )

Quest: It was a promise. )

Other Parts

AN: I'm hoping to sit down this week and get the rest of this series written up. I really want to get onto other things (like Torchwood, which I've recently discovered, and AU!Merlin, and Torchwood/Merlin crossovers). I promised myself I would finish this before I started anything new. As soon as that's done, I should be able to post one a day.

I'm both anticipating and dreading the end of this season. I don't know how to handle 8 months without Merlin. I had trouble this past year, and I wasn't even into the fandom then >.>

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So, that not so fancy layout I've got now. I spent the last 2 hours making it. Because I'm a glutton for punishment. I really should be asleep... It's officially 2:25 and I need to be up in less than 5 hours >.>

Train rides are for sleeping.


Layout Style: Flexible Squares
Browser(s) Compatible: IE, Firefox
Work with Navigation bar?: Yes
Work with Ads? Yes
Credit: [ profile] notragicmercury
Preview: Preview at my journal.


Please upload the images to your own hosting site. :)

The details )

Mostly, I'm just happy with the drabble in the centre. Aparently I can't get away from 100 word shorts.

Resolute )

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AN: A series of drabbles centring on Arthur and Merlin's relationship, based on Arthur's actions and Merlin's Reactions.
Disclaimer: In all honesty, my love for Merlin and my OTP take away from my focus on things that actually do make me money, and it's not as though I don't love my work... Which I should be doing as I post this...
Title: Love Lost
Warning/Spoilers: Minor spoilers for basic Arthurian legend.
Word Count: 100 each
Rating: R
Summary: Merlin tries everything in his power to keep the pieces together.

Love: He tries to make Merlin scream. )

Lost: Gwen is included in this. )

Other Parts

AN2: I'm not entirely happy with the way this turned out. For once there was far too much to say to fit into 100 words. I'm thinking it's time for another interlude, either Gwen or Lancelots POV... Also, I actually wrote down the map of the remainder of the drabbles (minus interludes), and there are 10 parts left o.O I never intended it to go on for so long. To top that off, I've signed up for [ profile] 10iloveyou, and [ profile] merlin_santa.

OTP is eating my brain.
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AN: A series of drabbles centring on Arthur and Merlin's relationship, based on Arthur's actions and Merlin's Reactions.
Disclaimer: In all honesty, my love for Merlin and my OTP take away from my focus on things that actually do make me money, and it's not as though I don't love my work... Which I should be doing as I post this...
Title: Objectionable Observations
Warning/Spoilers: None
Word Count:
100 each
Rating: PG
Summary: Preoccupied with the legalization of magic, no one notices the beginning of the end.

Objectionable: Merlin is able to practice magic in the open. )

Observations: Merlin finds more to complain about. )

Other Parts

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AN: A series of drabbles centring on Arthur and Merlin's relationship, based on Arthur's actions and Merlin's Reactions.
AN2:I wrote some of this after a bit of voluntary blood loss, and while listening to some angsty music. The rest of it can be blamed on the idea my good friend stuck in my head when I first started watching Merlin
Disclaimer: In all honesty, my love for Merlin and my OTP take away from my focus on things that actually do make me money, and it's not as though I don't love my work...
Title: Pain and Perversion
Warning/Spoilers: None
Word Count:
100 each
Rating: R
Summary: Arthur consumates his marriage while Merlin watches.

Pain: She understands. )

Perversion: While the kingdom rejoices, he aches. )

Other Parts

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I spent six hours yesterday making my way through the lengthly archives of Merlin/Arthur fanfiction. I read NC-17 content in the lab when my co-workers are on lunch break. I squee like a school girl over pictures of Colin Morgan and Bradley James. I listen to the same song on repeat because I really like it. I was president of the Fantasy, Literature, Anime, Sci-Fi and Horror club at my old univeristy. How can my new friends not realize what a huge nerd I really am?
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So, I'm (hopefully) going to take on the 10iloveyou's challenge over at [ profile] 10iloveyou. I did the [ profile] stagesoflove challenge a few years ago under a different user name, and it was a fair bit of fun.

I've chosen the Hurt/Comfort Prompt for Merlin and Arthur.

1. Fear 6. Death
2. Addiction 7. Apart
3. Regret 8. Coward
4. Rain 9. Broken
5. Together 10. Your choice

Wish me luck :)

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AN: A series of drabbles centring on Arthur and Merlin's relationship, based on Arthur's actions and Merlin's Reactions.
Disclaimer: I do this because I need a break from real life and doing the things that actually make me money.
Title: Interlude II - Gwen's POV
Warning/Spoilers: None
Word Count: 100 each
Rating: PG
Summary: Arthur is only willing to sacrifice so much for the sake of his kingdom.

Interlude:Gwen interprets it as 'I love Merlin.' )


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