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Hey guys, I'm alive. Real life has been busy, mostly with work, a few concerts, work, a vacation, work, a minor car accident, and more work. And did I mention the work? I was in the lab until 4:30 am on Monday, and then back again at 11am that same Monday.

I break my internet silence to hum and haw over the next season of Supernatural. It looks kind of awesome, because it still has Cas in it, but at the same time, it has an episode called Slash Fiction. While I enjoyed the con episode (for the most part), there's only so much fan service I can take.

As I mentioned to [personal profile] fleshlycherry before, Supernatural jumped the shark, and the shark's name was Castiel.


Oct. 4th, 2010 07:31 pm
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I was supposed to go into the lab on Saturday, but I got called into the police station to give a statement about the accident I was involved in on Tuesday. Then, I had to get groceries and go out with family on Sunday, so I didn't get into the lab until 9:30 last night. I also had to throw a presentation together for lab meeting this morning, and since some of the material I needed was still in the lab, I didn't get it finished until last night. I was working on it until 12am...

Cue lab meeting at 9:00 am this morning. Presentation went well. Lots of good suggestions for further experiments. Then lab work. Except that one of the power packs doesn't work properly, so my lab mate switched it to another for me while I was on lunch. Except that she had it running at 60 V, instead of 60 mA... Usually if we're doing constant voltage we would be running at 400 V... So, it took forever for the gel to run. So I'm still here at 7:30, and I won't be out until 8 at the earliest...

Next, I couldn't lyse my cells today, because whoever used the last of the protease inhibitor didn't think aliquot more, and didn't let anyone know that we were completely out of it. We're also out of the DNA that I needed to transfect my cells with, so I can't do that, either. No big deal, because I won't be able to lyse any cells until we get more protease inhibitor in...

Also, no one bothers to sign up for equipment. I checked first thing in the morning to see if anyone was running a gel, and no one was signed up. Put my name down, started setting up, and then saw two other people starting to set up as well... We don't have the equipment for everyone.

I really hate my lab sometimes. I'm tempted to send out a really bitchy e-mail about it. I actually know exactly who's responsible for it, too... There are only five of us using the reagents. One of them is me, one's anal, one is responsible for the ordering, and knows how much of things we have left, and two of them have the habit of taking other people's solutions without asking.

I feel like I'm in kindergarten again.

AND I still need to put together tutorial for tomorrow afternoon.

AND! They've turned on the heat in my building for the winter. Even with the AC on, it's still overheating. I hope they're looking forward to astronomical hydro bills, because I plan on leaving the windows open all winter. I've even got two fans now to draw in the cold air from outside.

Is the week over yet? I want Castiel and Thanksgiving dinner now.

Also, I signed up for [ profile] apocabigbang I think I'm going to combine it and NaNoWriMo

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I'm leaving for a weeks vacation tomorrow, and the stress levels from trying to get everything done before that leave me with two (mostly rhetorical) questions

1) Why is it that supervisors expect you to have nothing better to do than wait around to meet with them?

I check my e-mail with breakfast, before bed, and several times in between. I can adjust my schedule to meet with people pretty easily because of this, so long as you let me know a day ahead. Not the day of. And if you want to meet the day of, you should be checking your e-mail more frequently >.>

2) Why is it, that the more you want something the work, the more likely it is to screw up, but when you're ready to wash your hands of something, it miraculously works?

I have no love for science right now. >.>

On a side note, big bang still isn't finished. Expecting to have it done by Monday (a week later than planned) because lab work is stupid.


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