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I think I might actually be bat shit crazy. [ profile] paracaerouvoar wanted to be reminded of what it would feel like to finish the Big Bangs. I responded with "Also, you will feel elated when you finish your BB. The endorphins will be pumping, and you will completely forget how much pain and suffering you went through to get there. Then you'll eat ice cream. It will be glorious!"

Now, I'm sitting here thinking... wait, that's actually how I felt after I finished the half marathon this morning o.O Well, that, plus a lot of pain and a large quantity of wine.

I finished the Disney Princess half Marathon in 2 hours, 56 minutes, and 48 seconds. My goal was to finish under 3 hours, so I'm ecstatic. I also came in 7991 out of nearly 17,000 registrants. *Does a happy dance*

Unfortunately, I'm already thinking of the next race I should do. (The Nike Women's Marathon in San Fransisco awards Tiffany's necklaces at the end of the race, and they're handed out by Firemen in Tuxedos. It's also in the Fall, so there would be no winter training in crazy snow). One of our team members also coaches for Triathlons, which would be super cool, and I'm considering doing a full marathon in the distant future.

So, like my writing, I'm apparently addicted to things that are far too long for any sane person to consider.

Because I'm bat shit crazy.


I'll post the photos and an story about all of my training on Tuesday, as well as the progress from the big bangs.

I feel kind of high right now. :)
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Travel, let me tell you about it.

So my half marathon is tomorrow morning. At 5:45 am. I was up for 39 hours (barring a few cat naps) from Thursday morning until last night.

Woke up at 7:30 on Thursday. This year, London (Ontario) got nearly a meter of snow in 24 hours. We've had several bad storms. I had to drive 2 hours to get from London to the Toronto airport for a 6:30am flight. I decided to take the 10:30 bus instead of the 1:00am bus because I didn't want to miss my flight due to bad storms. I thought I'd sleep on the bus, and then after I'd checked my bag, and then on the flight, and I'd be good to go.

I didn't sleep on the bus, and it took 2 hours to check our bags and then get through customs. For those who don't know, the US now has customs offices in Canada before we even board the planes. Needless to say, I didn't get to sleep then. I slept a bit on the plane, then got to the hotel, checked the bags with reception, and went to the Fit for a Princess Expo (At Dinsey World) to register for the race, then we had a few hours to ourselves before dinner, where I sent the e-mails to let people know I'd arrived safely, then dinner, then before I knew it it was after 10pm. I don't remember the last time I was up for that long.

I spent today at the Expo as well and picked up some awesome swag. I've decided that my next endeavour is to run a full marathon, then a triathalon. Yes, I'm insane.

We've decorated our race shirts for the run tomorrow, and I've got a Tiara. Apparently they'll have all the Disney characters on the course, too. I'll post pictures (and the photos from Ottawa) when I get back.

P.S.: Sponsor me at my fundraising page. I lost my grandpa to Lymphoma, and my close friend's mother battled lymphoma as well. The money goes towards valuable research (I know, because my own research is funded by non-government sources), and education.

Even if you can only spare a couple of dollars, every little bit helps. Those dollars can add up quickly.
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Tomorrow night I'm leaving to go to the airport to fly down to Orlando for my half marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. If you want to sponsor me, you can go to my Team In Training page. Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far. It's for a great cause.

So when I'm stressed and angsty I end up on my soap box with rants that probably aren't that important. I figure this time I'll share briefly what I'm stressed and angsting about, and then the mini rant for today.

Things that are making me angst right now: )

Mini rant that may contain controversial opinions about fandom warnings )

I feel a little better getting it all off my chest.

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I haven't been posting much about RL, because I don't really have anything worth chatting about.

Now, however, I have this:

Train Endure Achieve Matter

On February 27, 2011 I’ll be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. That’s 13.1 miles.

I’m not a runner.

Before I decided to do this, I couldn’t run 2 kilometres, let alone more than 21. The whole idea seemed a little daunting. I’ve always been more about team sports and common goals.

That’s why I’m not running by myself.

I’m training for the run as a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada’s Virtual Team in Training. Together, across Canada, we’re raising money to battle leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Through your donations the LLSC is able to fund valuable research, community services and education for the public and health care professionals.

As a research scientist, I know how important your donations are in terms of producing results that can help us better understand the causes and treatments of all forms of blood cancer.

I’m completing this event in honour of all the individuals battling blood cancers, and the families and friends who are fighting with them. Every donation brings us one step closer to the ultimate finish line – a cure.

Please support my participation with Team in Training so together we can help make blood cancers a thing of the past.

If you'd like to sponsor me, visit my website: Rachel Mixer - Team in Training.


Rachel Mixer

Because it's a non-profit organization Canadians will automatically get a tax receipt. They'll also provide tax receipts for larger donations in American funds through the sister chapter in the States. Let me know if you need that, since there's a bit of paperwork involved.

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The header is inspired by an idea I've got gestating at the moment. I'll probably post more about it when I've had the chance to think coherently. Basically, it boils down to the fact that our education system is failing our youth, I have a very scientific mind, and I'm ridiculously lucky to have the opportunity to work where I do (The Robarts Research Institute).

Insert blurb about why any of this came up to begin with )

I kind of want to see Bob McDonald do a TED talk.

In other news, I've signed up to run the half marathon in Orlando in February, and I'm committed to raising $4,500 CAN for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. I'll post my fundraising website shortly (my high school physics teacher donated 100$, because he's awesome), but I really need some help come up with fundraising ideas.

So far, I plan on selling the rubber bracelets (like the yellow livestrong ones, only purple and for Team in Training and blood cancer research), and I'm thinking of doing a few bake sales/waffle breakfasts.

Any other ideas?

Finally a meme )


Sep. 21st, 2010 11:37 pm
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I've made some headway into my writing list.

The secret gift exchange was sent in tonight, and I was able to include some soft porn, which I couldn't bring myself to do for the BB. I can't seem to bring myself to just drop characters in bed together, anymore. I've got to have build up and reasons for it...

The D/C BB is undergoing revision, still, but it's pretty much out of the way. I'm going to put together a fanmix for it, and i wonder if trying my hand at some art might be a good idea.

Next on the list:

1) [ profile] syfybigbang in Merlin. I was thinking of continuing the verse I started almost a year ago, but I kind of feel like Modern!AU is where it's at. I blame [ profile] fleshlycherry 15,000 due Jan 7.

2) [ profile] spn_ficmatchup, with [ profile] kimisgirl. We've started writing now. Sounds like schmoopy fun, which is a good change for me. 10,000 words between the two of us with posting starts Feb 15

3) [ profile] xover_exchange We get our prompts Sept 27, and >1,500 words due Nov 12

4) NaNoWriMo - 75,000 words in the month of November o.O

5)[ profile] ficexchange_mix Prompts come Oct 4th, and >1,500 words due Nov 1.

Also, because I keep forgetting the 30 day shipping meme:

Day 06 - The best kiss?
Hands down, Jack and Ianto in the Children of Earth miniseries. You all know the kiss I'm talking about.

It's not surpirsing, considering I rarely ship canon pairings, but still, that one takes the cake. It was passionate, and heartbreaking, and all of those good, intense emotions that you almost never see on network television.

24 Days remaining )
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For those of you following [ profile] fleshlycherry's flist, you'll note that last weekend there was an epic Supernatural weekend. The purpose was three fold. We wanted to watch as much Supernatural as humanly possible in three and a half days. I needed to brush up on canon for my big bang, and we seriously needed to catch up.

Here's a recap of what happened between July 22nd and July 25th:

A Very Supernatural Weekend )

Honourable mentions should go to Bobby, for whom we drank whiskey, the whiskey sours we consumed for Sam and Dean, since we didn't want to stomach straight whiskey, the law students, for whom we stomached Canadian and straight rum, and Zachariah, who gets the worm at the bottom of the bottle of tequila we never drank.

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cake Recipe )

Quotes worth mentioning:

1) "Because of course she did!" (refering to the Impala)
2) "Fuck [something]! Right in the face!"
3) "Salt lines; better than a locked door."
4) In Tall Tales, the professor says, "I respect you too much."
[ profile] fleshlycherry: "What? Like God respected Becky?"
5) "Drink everytime Sam gets choked."
6) "Those are the people who just lazied themselves to death."
7) "I find this humerus."


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