May. 26th, 2011 08:08 pm
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I had a crappy day at work, and now I'm listening to the recording of my dog this afternoon, and he has the unique ability to bark and carry on in his crate for 30 minutes straight. He seems to go on 30 minute intervals of sleeping and whining.

Did I mention he kind of got me evicted?

I'm moving into a super awesome apartment because of it, so I won't complain too much, but I'm now scrambling to pack everything for this weekend (and I'm out of boxes again), and I have to shell out 200$ to put Bizmark in day care so that I don't get evicted from the new place while I try to get him trained into his crate.

Long story short, I have 5 invite codes for Dreamwidth. First five people to comment get them.


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Dear Self:

Just because you ignore your e-mails does not mean that the real world and work isn't happening around you. People start to freak out if you go MIA on the internet for a while. No, puppies and health aren't an excuse. Check your e-mail once a day like you're supposed to.

Love, me.

In other news, Bizmark is growing nicely, but I seem to be his favourite chew toy. I've been trying to follow the advice of Cesar Millan (aka The Dog Whisperer), but it doesn't work well when it's too cold outside to take the puppy for his nice walks he got used to the other week.

Also, I had a conversation with [ profile] fleshlycherry which was deemed the Best Thing On The Internet Today. Back story isn't really needed.

[ profile] notragicmercury: You could always do the thing where you're open and ask him his thoughts on makeouts, heavy petting and oral sex?
[ profile] fleshlycherry: Don't make me laugh like that at work! OH MY GOD BEST THING ON THE INTERNET TODAY< RIGHT THERE.
[ profile] notragicmercury: CHADIFY IT!
[ profile] fleshlycherry: Chad: You would always do that girly talking shit you like so much. Ask him how he *makes airquotes* feels about your tongue in his mouth or your sasquatch paw on his dick. And, like, tell him if you're good blow your load in his face 'cause you're a gentleman like that son.

Chad always twists things into a J2 context.

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Last night the puppy let me sleep through the night again (mostly) and didn't pee in his crate. Peed twice in his crate yesterday, telling me he honestly can't go more than two hours alone >.> I'm now planning my days/experiments accordingly.

On that note, with my 6 hours of relatively uninterrupted sleep, I had a dream that Dean and Castiel were a couple in canon, and Dean would get flustered every time Cas refered to him as his boyfriend, or did something "Because Dean is his boyfriend." It was like fanfiction, IN MY BRAIN!

Great night sleep.

On another note, [ profile] pre_post_spnbb draft is due in a month. Going to start writing that in earnest, now. Go Dean/Cas/Eliot FTW!

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So, I've been going through some crap lately, to the point that visits from my family have increased exponentially. It stems from my medical mystery [A.K.A. WTF is with my stomach?].

None of that really matters now, though, because I HAVE A PUPPY!

His name is Bizmark, he weighs 6 lbs at the moment, and he is made of awesome cuteness.


My brother spent the weekend with me and we picked him up on Saturday afternoon. He's been checked over by the vet and up to date on shots and deemed healthy. He's sleeping in my lap as I type, and he's pretty quite most of the time. Now I just need to housetrain him and get him to stop crying when he's in his crate.


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