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Hey guys, I'm alive. Real life has been busy, mostly with work, a few concerts, work, a vacation, work, a minor car accident, and more work. And did I mention the work? I was in the lab until 4:30 am on Monday, and then back again at 11am that same Monday.

I break my internet silence to hum and haw over the next season of Supernatural. It looks kind of awesome, because it still has Cas in it, but at the same time, it has an episode called Slash Fiction. While I enjoyed the con episode (for the most part), there's only so much fan service I can take.

As I mentioned to [personal profile] fleshlycherry before, Supernatural jumped the shark, and the shark's name was Castiel.

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I'm a terrible person because I'll rarely donate to overseas charities. I agree what's happening in Japan is terrible, but with my limited income (more limited now that I have Bizmark), I'd rather donate to this close to my heart and closer to home.

That said, I will do things to make other people donate to help out Japan. [ profile] allthingsholy is doing a Write for Relief: A Fandom Charity Fundraiser to help raise funds. There are a list of charities over at [ profile] help_japan that people can donate to. I'm covering three prompts (Supernatural, Leverage and Dark Angel) or 1000 words or more.

Yes, I know I have a bazillion other things to write, but I've got ideas for each fic, and they'll help me practice writing the characters. It takes me about an hour to write 1,000 words when I'm on a role, so it should be good.

Anyone interested in beta-ing any of these, just let me know.


Mar. 10th, 2011 12:30 am
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So, I want to write the Torchwood fic where Ianto doesn't tell Rhiannon that he's not gay, he just likes Jack. Honestly, this is my least favourite trope in fandom, and I think Torchwood is especially guilty of it. It displays this awesome homosexual couple thing, then ruins it all by having it between an omnisexual immortal and a dude who's only interested in said immortal.


There is such a thing as being bisexual. It's even possible to be bisexual while still prefering one gender to another.

I just had caffeine by accident so I'm going to be up all night. It's possible there will be more posts.


But seriously, I kind of want to write that fic. Fuck my brain.


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