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I'm doing a sticky post with my Big Bang dates so I can keep track of everything I'm supposed to be doing. They're in order of dates. Progress is under the cuts.

1) [ profile] pre_post_spnbb - 10,000 word draft due April 15
Summary: The Winchester brothers meet Leverage Inc while trying to heist the same item. Turns out what they're trying to steal is cursed. Then things get complicated.
I need serious help )

2) [ profile] crossbigbang - 15,000 word draft due April 20
Summary: Castiel is an angel of the Lord using Jimmy Novak as a vessel. Dean is the righteous man destined to save Humanity. Together they fight crimemonsters. Now the BAU is investigating a bizzare string of grave desicrations, arsons, exorcisms gone wrong and homicides that don't look humanly possible.
Feel good about this one. )

3) [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang - 20,000 word draft due May 1
Summary: Growing up can't be easy for the gay or sexually confused. When Jensen and Jared meet in college, they're well on their way to being the men they were shaped into. Their friendship gives them the strength to change. And then their friendship changes. (A long, slow J2 romance).
There be words written down )

4) [ profile] darkangel_bb - 10,000 word draft due May 30
Summary: An AU for the second season of Dark Angel, told from Alec's point of view. Likely going to be Max/Alec.

4) [ profile] scifibigbang - 25,000 word draft due July 1
Summary: The Master is determined to obtain his own Tardis, and will stop at nothing to get it. Gwen Cooper/Williams finds herself in possession of a mysterious briefcase that doesn't really seem worth dying over. Captain Jack Harkness is in prison, but he knows what to do with the briefcase. And why is Ianto working for the Master? This is a Torchwood remake of the movie Willow, with Gwen as Willow, Jack as Madmartigan, Ianto as Sorcha, Tosh and Owen as Brownies (IDEK), and The Master as Queen Bavmorda.

5) [ profile] au_bigbang - 15,000 word draft due July 1
Summary: When implanted in a person's wrist, a TiMER counts down to the day the wearer finds true love. But Jared faces a rare dillema: his TiMER is blank. His soul mate doesn't have her TiMER implanted yet. Tired of waiting Jared decides to find love on his own. (A J2 remake of the movie Timer).

6) [ profile] deancasbigbang - 20,000 word draft due August 15
Summary: A sequel to A Love Story Told In Reverse. It's tentatively titled The Apocalypse Told on Repeat.

7) [ profile] j2_kane_bigbang - 10,000 word draft due August 31.
Summary: Not totally planned out yet, but it's going to be about polyamoury, featuring Jensen married to Danneel with a side of J2. It should be fun.

I'll keep updating this as I go. Draft dates will change to posting dates, and I'll add more Big Bangs as I go.

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[personal profile] fleshlycherry/[ profile] fleshlycherry shared with me [ profile] toestastegood's Five Acts Meme, and I decided I had to participate. Because I fail at Big Bangs, maybe I can succeed at comment fics. (There will be a long post about real life being crazy and awesome and messed up to explain why I fail at BBs. Just need to upload photographic evidence [PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN]).

Here's how it works:

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.


1) Rimming: There's just something filthy and delightful about it. Especially when written from the receiving party's perspective.
2) Falling: Falling from grace, going rebel, breaking away from expectations, exploring deviant desires; there's just something titillating about a character embracing their dark sides.
3)Exploring sexual orientation/new kinks: Especially when it includes angst about wanting something they don't think it's "right."
4) Restraint and D/s: Not to be confused with BDSM (which I also enjoy), I'm talking about one person telling the other what to do. Throw in a little manhandling, and self-restraint (i.e. one partner telling the other NOT TO MOVE), and I'm golden.
5) Double Penetration Because I'm really that dirty ;)

Turns out favourite pairings are first for each fandom.

Supernatural: Dean/Castiel, Wincest
CWRPF: Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Kane, J3, Jensen/Misha, J2M
Merlin: Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana, Gwen/Lancelot
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, Tosh/Owen
Leverage: Eliot/Parker/Hardison, Parker/Hardison

That's it for now. I'm going to go work on some comment fic :)

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So, I should be writing or doing lab work, but instead I'm doing memes. Because that's just how I roll.

Meme the first, stolen from [personal profile] fleshlycherry/[ profile] fleshlycherry: Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life that you're interested in or curious about. Leave your request as a comment to this entry, I'll snap the pictures and post them.

For Meme the second, stolen from [ profile] paracaerouvoar, there are spoilers for Full Metal Alchemist, Supernatural, and Final Fantasy VIII.

Meme The Second: Works in Progress )
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Thanks to [Poll #1716299]There will be more plotting details later, but that's it for now.  It's starting to shape up.
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I honestly don't know what was going on in my brain when I signed up for three Big Bangs at the same time.

The [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang is going alright. I have 1000+ words written and I haven't even gotten to the good parts.

The [ profile] crossbigbang is also okay. I have the whole thing plotted out, and I've re-watched some Criminal Minds and The Rapture to get a feel for Jimmy, but OMG there's a lot of words that need to be written.

The [ profile] pre_post_spnbb is a bit of a disaster. I know that it features Crowley!Sterling, a cursed object (possibly a biblical weapon), and a Dean/Cas/Eliot lust!fest, but other than that I'm lost.


Right now the only things I know for sure is that there will be a lot of angst and threesomes, and that Dean is going to get pissed off at Nate.


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So, for the Leverage/Supernatural fic, I still need to know if Dean and Cas were in a relationship before the fic. I'm kind of leaning towards "They were, but nothing concrete, and Cas is still busy with Heaven, so Dean is feeling neglected, but angsting because he still loves Cas."


Also, [ profile] fleshlycherry made the good point that the outcome of Dean's fights with people will be entirely dependent on whether or not there is sex involved.

Onto the polls:

I finsihed plotting the Criminal Minds/Supernatrual fic for my [ profile] crossbigbang, but I've got a few issues that could go either way:

[Poll #1713544]I'm leaning towards Dean sells his soul for Sammy, because it fits in well with the scene where Jimmy tries to dominate Dean, and Dean tells him to fuck off.


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I posted this, and then it died when I tried to edit something, so we'll try it again!

I just signed up for the [ profile] crossbigbang (it's only 15,000 words). I've been planing on doing a Criminal Minds/Supernatural cross over for a while, since someone posted a prompt in a Dean/Cas kink meme about Jimmy thinking he was an angel, and getting a young Dean involved in his insanity. I was watching Criminal Minds at the time, and this is what I came up with.

Summary: Castiel is an angel of the Lord using Jimmy Novak as a vessel. Dean is the righteous man destined to save Humanity. Together they fight crimemonsters. Now the BAU is investigating a bizzare string of grave desicrations, arsons, exorcisms gone wrong and homicides that don't look humanly possible.

It's going to feature age difference (Jimmy is ~35, while Dean is ~19), distinctive D/s themes in their relationship and probably a lot of gore.

My question for you guys is whether Jimmy is an insane man who has Dean wrapped up in his psychosis due to the way his schizophrenic father raised him, or is it trufax monsther hunting?

[Poll #1681860]

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ETA/PREFACE: [ profile] fleshlycherry is a really classy, upstanding lady. It's part of what makes her inner Chad so awesome.

I chat with [ profile] fleshlycherry way too much during the day, and we discuss fic. Here are some more thought out portions of conversation from my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang:

Context: Jensen has just broken up (or been dumped) by the guy he's seeing, and Jared is there to comfort him. Jared believes the whole dating men thing was an experiment on Jensen's part.

Jensen: I suck at dating. It's obvious I'm going to die alone.
Jared: No. You're a great guy. You're funny. You're kind. You're smart. And you're hot. Any girl will be lucky to have you.
Jensen: *snorts* But not you.
Jared: Huh?
Jensen: But no guys. Not you.
Jared: What do you mean?
Jensen: How many men do I have to fuck before you'll believe I'm in love with you!
Jared: sure you love me, but like a friend and you're not gay
Jensen: You know what. Fuck you. Get out.

Context: After the previous conversation Jared goes home and bitches to his roommate Chad about how unreasonable Jensen is.

Chad: Dude, he wants your hot dude-bit in his dude-bit
Jared: o.O?
Chad: He wants your man meat!
Jared: o.0!
Chad: oh just fuck him already. Thats when you put your dick in his ass.
Jared: dude! I know what sex is
Chad: Good. Then go have it with him.
Jared: Jensen's not gay.
Chad: He was gay the one time your dick was in him. He's been screwing dudes.
Jared: He was drunk, and the rest was an experiment.
Chad:Some dude was jizzing in your boy's face. That dude came right in your boy's eye! *jerking off/pettle throwing* And he liked it. For [x number] of months.

Obviously this needs to be polished up a bit, but that's the general idea. [ profile] fleshlycherry needs to be credited for a lot of this (i.e. the whole "how many men" bit, and the most of second conversation. I love her inner Chad.


Oct. 6th, 2010 09:53 pm
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So, I was able to jog two miles yesterday. I'm not a runner, so I'm pretty impressed with myself.

I'm starting to run because I want to do a half marathon in Orlando in February with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Fundraising season starts November 1st, and I'd have to raise 4,500$ by February to do it...

What do you guys think?

Also, I've realized that I make faces when I write. It's particularly pronounced when I'm writing anything about Castiel, because I feel like half his communication is through body language. I find myself titling my head and staring at walls to try and figure out what expression best fits the emotions I want him to convey. I was doing it in the laundry room a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully there was no one there to see me.

I've started doing with with other characters now, though. I caught myself rubbing the back of my neck while considering how someone would respond to an overshare...

I know comic artist Lars DeSouza (of Looking for Group and Least I Could Do fame) does it when working on illustrations, but I don't feel like I'm awesome enough to make it look as cool.

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Start with the meme, which I keep forgetting:

Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene? )

Day 08 - The pairing with the most baggage? )

Remaining days )

It's been such a long time since I've been able to use my go go science! tag. The last three weeks of work before I went on holidays was plagued by badly made common stocks that killed my cells, missing reagents, and the epic stress of grant writing season. I was getting dangerously close to the "I hate science and want to start [insert questionable career of your choice here, I'm thinking guppy breeding]."

That said, this week I've successfully cloned a mutation into one of the isoforms of my protein, and I've successfully detected SUMOylation of both isoforms.

In non-science terms, I've found something that contributes to our understanding of how certain nerve cells work. Ideally, this will shed light on what happens to our brains as we age and in different neurodegenerative diseases.

I've got another three to four years of work to do on this, but it isn't hopless!!!


Also, I'm going to go to Cuba next year! It's mostly exciting, because I haven't actually gone anywhere for vacation since I was seventeen. I managed to score an invite for a course in Brazil in April, which was a free trip there (the first time I'd left southern Ontario in six years), but this will be the first for pleasure only trip in a while. [ profile] bloodredmoon1, aka my awesome British friend, is in to go with me. We're waiting on a few more people, but I'll probably have the trip booked by next week.

On another note, I got feedback from [ profile] fleshlycherry about by D/C BB. Lots of sections to revise and rework because she calls me on it every time I fall into summarizing/skipping scenes, for being to wordy, and for waving my slash wand and going with the "because I said so" explanation. She didn't call me on my overuse of semicolons

I'm lucky she likes me as much as she does, because she isn't even a D/C shipper.

I've gotten to thinking about my NaNo, though, which is the sequel to the BB. I'm thinking it's going to need more Crowley, and after reading Good Omens, I've decided to go with the fact that it's the same demon. That said, should I include Aziraphale?

I'm also trying to decide if I should include the crossover bit that didn't actually get hinted in the BB. It's also trying to blend in with my [ profile] syfybigbang, because hey, that's the way my brain works, but I've put my foot down, because it's too ridiculous.

Which leads me to the only not awesome part of my day: What to do my syfy/merlin BB on?

Also, SPN premiere tomorrow! My dad's birthday party was rescheduled for Sunday, so I'll be able to watch the whole thing as it airs! I'm pathetically excited.

All of the positive vibes I'm grooving with right now have translated into helping me shed some of the weight I put on while sick, which is also happy making.


Sep. 21st, 2010 11:37 pm
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I've made some headway into my writing list.

The secret gift exchange was sent in tonight, and I was able to include some soft porn, which I couldn't bring myself to do for the BB. I can't seem to bring myself to just drop characters in bed together, anymore. I've got to have build up and reasons for it...

The D/C BB is undergoing revision, still, but it's pretty much out of the way. I'm going to put together a fanmix for it, and i wonder if trying my hand at some art might be a good idea.

Next on the list:

1) [ profile] syfybigbang in Merlin. I was thinking of continuing the verse I started almost a year ago, but I kind of feel like Modern!AU is where it's at. I blame [ profile] fleshlycherry 15,000 due Jan 7.

2) [ profile] spn_ficmatchup, with [ profile] kimisgirl. We've started writing now. Sounds like schmoopy fun, which is a good change for me. 10,000 words between the two of us with posting starts Feb 15

3) [ profile] xover_exchange We get our prompts Sept 27, and >1,500 words due Nov 12

4) NaNoWriMo - 75,000 words in the month of November o.O

5)[ profile] ficexchange_mix Prompts come Oct 4th, and >1,500 words due Nov 1.

Also, because I keep forgetting the 30 day shipping meme:

Day 06 - The best kiss?
Hands down, Jack and Ianto in the Children of Earth miniseries. You all know the kiss I'm talking about.

It's not surpirsing, considering I rarely ship canon pairings, but still, that one takes the cake. It was passionate, and heartbreaking, and all of those good, intense emotions that you almost never see on network television.

24 Days remaining )


Sep. 14th, 2010 10:30 pm
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Rough draft of the BigBang is finished and sent off to an army of betas who will make me cry and whip me into whipping it into shape.

Going to go to bed early as a reward, then get started on the next one tomorrow,

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I've been pretty busy the last few weeks outside of work with the following: )

In other news, I'm crazy. I realized the challenges I've committed myself to, and I'm going to be very busy.

1) A secret gift exchange, due shortly
2) [ profile] deancasbigbang - Due Sept 25
3) [ profile] syfybigbang
4) [ profile] spn_ficmatchup
5) [ profile] xover_exchange
6) NaNoWriMo

Why? Because I'm a bit of a masochist, I guess.

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I'm leaving for a weeks vacation tomorrow, and the stress levels from trying to get everything done before that leave me with two (mostly rhetorical) questions

1) Why is it that supervisors expect you to have nothing better to do than wait around to meet with them?

I check my e-mail with breakfast, before bed, and several times in between. I can adjust my schedule to meet with people pretty easily because of this, so long as you let me know a day ahead. Not the day of. And if you want to meet the day of, you should be checking your e-mail more frequently >.>

2) Why is it, that the more you want something the work, the more likely it is to screw up, but when you're ready to wash your hands of something, it miraculously works?

I have no love for science right now. >.>

On a side note, big bang still isn't finished. Expecting to have it done by Monday (a week later than planned) because lab work is stupid.

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I think I deserve a reward >.>

I was so very pleased with myself on Wednesday when I'd gotten myself to the 15000 word mark for the Big Bang, and I thought meeting the deadline would be easy.

Except that when I mentioned a while ago that my supervisor had a grant up for review, I may have not put the correct emphasis on the urgency of her grants.

Turns out that it's EPIC GRANT WRITING SEASON OF DOOM!!!!1! for all of the primary investigators in my research group, and it comes around every five years. On Wednesday, J sat us all down to discuss the first grant up for review, and put the fear of god into half of the lab. E, the Polish lab tech is swamped because she has to make stable cell lines for one of our protein constructs, she's the only one with access to the mice we use, and she's the resident expert on confocal microscopy in our lab. D, the Chinese lab tech is busy doing activity assays and protein work, and K, the Canadian lab tech is on vacation. Then there's S, the mother of twins who just finished her PhD, who believes she is solely responsible for competing all of the needed experiments o.O

V and I kind of laugh, because V is finished next week, and she's taking a month off to look for housing and a vehicle in Washington (DC), while I'm of the mentality that I'll do the work I have to do, and if it coincides with some fo the stuff J wants, I'll do that too. I'm not going to kill myself trying to get things done, because I've learned from experience that you end up making mistakes and falling behind.

I've got three experiments planned for before my holidays, and I can use them to look at additional proteins, so I'm not going to worry much about it.

On the Big Bang front, I submitted my draft at 11:59 pm (which is funny, even though we had until uh... today at 1pm to get it in). Word count is sitting at ~21,000, plus headers and the outline of the scenes I still need to write.

This weekend I'm going to go back to my parents place, abuse their laundry machines, go shopping at stores I actually like, then go party it up with [ profile] fleshlycherry, [ profile] themega5, and [ profile] ghostj with a night of drinks, dancing, and general good times.

Then I'm going to go back into the lab on Sunday to get ready for a week of manic lab mates and experiments.

On the plus side, B12 supplements and getting back to boot camp seem to be helping. I'm feeling much more awake and functional. I had four productive, if long days in the lab this week. :)

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I'm laying the blame for this solely at [ profile] temporalranger's feet, because clearly I have no control over my own actions >.>

sick in bed
autumn holiday/festival
bedtime rituals
holiday – one person sick
greeting card
drunken confession of love
amusement park
lazy Sunday
pregnancy – birth
baby – setting up nursery
anniversary – one partner sick
butterfly kisses
candlelight sex
cuddling while sick
kidfic – vacation
candlelight dinner
Animal rescue
birthday – surprise party

If I do this for SPN, it's clearly because a human Cas would have a compromised immune system >.>
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Played around in a Dean/Cas friending meme over my lunch break and made some additions to my flist. Hello there.

Update on the vitamin deficiency thing. I've been taking the supplements for three days now, and they've managed to make me feel awake about every other hour. The downside, is that I now have headaches, and feel somewhat more nauseus. The latter is likely because I've been so tired my body is craving sugar to up the blood glucose, which leads to too many carbs and ice cream (the only sweet I keep in my house)...

On the plus side, I'm up to date on the J2 big bang entries, so I won't feel compelled to read them. Going to wait for my gel to polymerize, go home, have dinner and write more of the big bang fic, then sleep by 10. I've got the prologue written, and the majority of the ending (which is actually the middle of the over all story >.>). Now I just need to write the middle of the fic. My only worry is that there's very little Dean/Cas interaction for the first 10,000 or so words...

Downside to this whole thing is that I've been coming in at odd hours, so my lab work is falling behind. My current supervisor keeps expecting me to get miraculously better without actually asking me what's wrong.

Also, the experiments for my old supervisor are going down the toilet for some unknown reason. The cells managed to survive the first set of washes, finally, but died sometime between loading them with the fluorescent dye and trying to read them. I'm back to getting higher readings from the blank wells, too >.> Going to try washing them with serum free medium, and only letting them incubate for 1hr. I'm even considering only loading them for 30 minutes, because they don't like to be serum free, and I worry that that's why they're dying, but then I run the risk of not producing enough fluorescence to actually read, and B wants the data by the end of the month, so I don't have a lot of time to trouble shoot.

I think I'll be telling her it can't be done, and returning the dye when I go to visit her sometime in September...


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I haven't been doing much of anything lately, mainly because I can't manage to keep my eyes open. I've been having stomach trouble and I've been sleeping at least 12 hours a day off and on for the past two weeks, and then all of this weekend I felt like a sac of garbage. I finally went to the clinic on Monday, got some blood tests done, and found out this morning my Vit. B12 levels are low. It worries me, because it's pretty rare unless you don't eat meat, poultry, fish or dairy, all of which I consume on a regular basis... I'm going to pick up some supplements at the doctors suggestion, and hopefully things will improve.

As it stands, it's all I can do to haul my ass into the lab, so I've been pulling half days because I don't trust myself not to screw things up in a major way. I've also been slacking on the BigBang (which I need the draft done by Sunday...

What I have been doing is making my way through the J2 big bang archives, because suddenly I can't get enough of J2 AUs. Something to do with Jared Padilecki and ridiculously large hands...

Anyway, back to work for me, before I fall asleep at my desk...

ETA: Turns out I have a few more days for the BigBang than expected. It's just check-ins and snipit posts on the 15th, and the drafts aren't due until the 20th.

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I'm amazed with myself, but I actually have the whole BigBang plotted out, except for two things.

1) Dean ends up in Hell for a second time, and I'm not sure if he should break or not this time around.

2) I need a BAMF!omnipotent figure (The image of Handlebars!Doctor comes to mind o.O). Barring the Doctor, I was thinking Kali (or some aspect), a figure from an obscure religion (thinking Zoroastrianism), or Cas.

Any thoughts?

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I've been considering what kind of relationship Dean and Cas should have in my BigBang fic. I'd decided to make Cas ignorant of the normal workings of the human mind, with a liberal dash of BAMF, but I'm undecided on how the two of them would interact in a more intimate/personal setting. I feel like something normal/schmoopy would go over better, but at the same time, I find myself leaning towards seriously dysfunctional and unconventional.

Any thoughts?


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