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Dear Self:

Just because you ignore your e-mails does not mean that the real world and work isn't happening around you. People start to freak out if you go MIA on the internet for a while. No, puppies and health aren't an excuse. Check your e-mail once a day like you're supposed to.

Love, me.

In other news, Bizmark is growing nicely, but I seem to be his favourite chew toy. I've been trying to follow the advice of Cesar Millan (aka The Dog Whisperer), but it doesn't work well when it's too cold outside to take the puppy for his nice walks he got used to the other week.

Also, I had a conversation with [ profile] fleshlycherry which was deemed the Best Thing On The Internet Today. Back story isn't really needed.

[ profile] notragicmercury: You could always do the thing where you're open and ask him his thoughts on makeouts, heavy petting and oral sex?
[ profile] fleshlycherry: Don't make me laugh like that at work! OH MY GOD BEST THING ON THE INTERNET TODAY< RIGHT THERE.
[ profile] notragicmercury: CHADIFY IT!
[ profile] fleshlycherry: Chad: You would always do that girly talking shit you like so much. Ask him how he *makes airquotes* feels about your tongue in his mouth or your sasquatch paw on his dick. And, like, tell him if you're good blow your load in his face 'cause you're a gentleman like that son.

Chad always twists things into a J2 context.

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So, I may or may not have signed up for the [ profile] darkangel_bb last night (because, you know, baby Jensen (bb!Jensen) plays Alec in the second season). [ profile] fleshlycherry had words about this. The words might have gone something like this:

[ profile] fleshlycherry: and how do you plan on doing Dean/Eliot/Cas justice if you're thinking about bb!Jensen? or what about scientist!Jensen? or bb!Dean/Cas? WHAT ABOUT MY FUCKING TIMER!AU? How do you think it makes them feel to know that you're not even through with them and already you're moving on to something younger and prettier?
how is he going to feel?
like shit, thats how

I'll post an update about Ottawa and the progress of the other bangs once I've got the photos uploaded.

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So this conversation stems from the last time [ profile] fleshlycherry and I saw each other. She was helping me plot my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang and we ended up discussing the role of Chad Michael Murray. She channelled her inner CMM spectacularly, and with hand gestures.

Also, this is what we do instead of working at our respective jobs.

[ profile] notragicmercury: Came across an article about dealing with your partner's best friend. It reminds me so much of J2 and CMM
[ profile] fleshlycherry: hahahaha, CMM. I'm giving my inner CMM a fistbump right now
[ profile] notragicmercury: I love him more than I should, and it's all your fault.
[ profile] fleshlycherry: how is this my fault? Chad Michael Murry is no ones fault but his own
[ profile] notragicmercury: It's your inner CMM that makes me like him.
[ profile] fleshlycherry: oh, well in that case love him like you love punching that guy who knocked up your sister
[ profile] notragicmercury: laughs
[ profile] fleshlycherry: love him with deep, furious satisfaction
[ profile] notragicmercury: I kind of want to write the fic now...
[ profile] fleshlycherry: just as long as I get to help with the cmm bits
[ profile] notragicmercury: I'm not sure I could write CMM without your glorious input.
[ profile] fleshlycherry: hahahah. It is because I drop these jems like Sophia drops it like its hot
[ profile] notragicmercury: laughs Just like that.
[ profile] fleshlycherry: yes! it is so wrong that I'm so proud of my inner Chad
[ profile] notragicmercury: Probably, except for the fact that it's hilarious.

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All of the funniest things come from [ profile] fleshlycherry

1) "It's the Sex!Pan Glitter Party!" she said with respect to our writing Sex Is Not The Enemy - Fic/Art/Whatever-A-Thon

2) "I support you in the two dicks one jerk thing," I said in response to us discussing bad porn in fic.

3) "I didn't think of myself as a fandom pimp until you," she said in response to my love for Inception fic.

In short, [ profile] fleshlycherry is brilliant.

Thanks for tuning in.


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