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Title: A Love Story Told In Reverse, written for the 2010 [ profile] deancasbigbang
Author: [ profile] notragicmercury
Genre: Post Season 5 AU
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel (also Dean/Lisa, Dean/Cassie, Castiel/OMC, mentions Sam/Jess).
Rating: R
Word Count: ~35,000
Warnings: Spoilers for Season 5. Allusions to abuse and mental disorders.

Artist: [ profile] lizfu
Art link: Art Masterlist

Summary: Dean grew up with a mother who loved him, a father who misunderstood him and a brother who worshiped him. Yet he remembered another life, one lived on the road, hunted by angels and demons alike. Plagued by false memories and familiar faces, Dean left home to try and make a life for himself. A chance meeting with a man who lives a world apart leads Dean to realize that a single action, no matter how miraculous, can't change the course of fate. It won't stop him from trying, though.

Author's Note: I have to thank [ profile] fleshlycherry and Draoldan for all of their help throughout the writing process. Neither of them are Dean/Cas fans, particularly, and yet they put up with me constantly asking for opinions, and the constant read throughs. They helped me hammer down plot, improve my writing, and always asked “Why?” when I said “Because.” I don’t think I would have finished without their help.

Next, I have to thank [ profile] dossier, who beta'd this after the fact, when I learned that scientists make terrible betas. Apparently we can't correct each other's work to save our lives, so [ profile] dossier was a bit of a life saver there.

I also want to thank [ profile] lizfu for the amazing artwork. Don’t forget to check it out and leave comments.


Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Epilogue

PDF file to follow


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Master Post for the series of drabbles describing the escalation of Arthur and Merlin's relationship from servant and master to freinds to lovers. Portrayed as Arthur's action and Merlin's Reaction.

Part I: Underestimation and Unbidden
Part II: Appreciation and Augmentation
Part III: Envious and Enamoured
Part IV: Rational and Rapture
Part V: Confessions and Confusion
Interlude I Morgana's POV
Part VI: Sublime and Surrender
Part VII: Beguiled and Beloved
Part VII: Despair and Devotion
Interlude II Gwen's POV
Part VIII: Pain and Perversion
Part IX: Objectionable and Observations
Part X: Love and Lost
Part XI: Questionable and Quest

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So, I'm (hopefully) going to take on the 10iloveyou's challenge over at [ profile] 10iloveyou. I did the [ profile] stagesoflove challenge a few years ago under a different user name, and it was a fair bit of fun.

I've chosen the Hurt/Comfort Prompt for Merlin and Arthur.

1. Fear 6. Death
2. Addiction 7. Apart
3. Regret 8. Coward
4. Rain 9. Broken
5. Together 10. Your choice

Wish me luck :)


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