Mar. 24th, 2010

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Right this moment, there are several things I should be doing, and the reasons why I'm not doing them.

1) I should be paying more attention to the microscope scans going on, in case the image goes out of focus --> There's only so long I can watch the computer take 2.5mins to scan an image, and it's really hard to tell if it's gone out of focus.

2) I should be reading over the Physiology notes so I'll be ready to put together a tutorial for tomorrow afternoon. --> PLEASE, OH GOD PLEASE LET THIS COURSE BE OVER!!!

3) I should be digesting PCR product so I can ligate it into a new vector and transform bacteria so that I have awesome myc-tagged proteins --> I'm on the microscope and need to be watching it scan incase it goes out of focus.

4) Writing [ profile] reel_torchwood fics --> I'm supposed to be doing lab work.

5) Feeding cells --> I'm on the microscope...

So instead of doing any of these things, although I am sitting in the room with the microscope, occasionally checking to see if the image is still in focus (looks good right now), I'm on LJ, compulsively checking to see if people have updated fun things to read. There should be more, because I recently got into [ profile] deancastiel, but I aparently read more than people update...

And now the image is out of focuse, so I wil pause the scan, start the timer, re-focus the microscope, and repeat.

This may be why I spent most of yesterday morning on the verge of a panic attack, nearly in tears... Despite the fact that my life doesn't suck, it's really not that great at the moment >.>

I'm thinking things will greatly improve once I've got the flight confirmation for Brazil, so that I can get the Visa, so that I can be certain I'm actually going.

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On a side note to my earlier angsty post, watching SPN - My Bloody Valentine has me craving red meat like you wouldn't believe, which is only a problem because all of my red meat is frozen...

Also, which is a better group for SPN: Vast or VNV Nation?


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