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My fiction masterlist as it slowly grows. Last updated February 15, 2011.


A Love Story Told In Reverse
Written for the 2010 [ profile] deancasbigbang, it's a 35,000 word timetravel/AU fic in which Cas' idea of a better life for Dean don't go exactly as planned. Rating: R

By The Time You Get This Message
Written for [ profile] deancastiel's Secret Angel's IV, it was inspired by the Flobot's song of the same name. Summary: Castiel was an musician. Dean was an electrician. They meet in Saint Louis, and almost fall in love. Rating: R

A ficlet written prior to the end of season five. It was part of the inspiration of A Love Story Told In Reverse. Summary: In the end, his father was still a god. Rating: PG

More Cars than Faithful
Written for [ profile] sansdatelimite's Dean/Cas kink meme. In which Dean is a Trickster and Castiel is the angel they send down to keep him in line. Rating: Hard R


A series of drabbles depicting the escalation of Arthur and Merlin's relationship. Best described as AU part way through season two. Rating: G - NC17

Don't Say No
Written for [ profile] queenklu during the 2009 round of [ profile] merlin_santa. An AU in which Merlin is an advisor to a visiting King, and Arthur is quick to realize there's something about Merlin. Rating: NC17


The Appeal of Suits
A drabble about why Jack likes Ianto's suits so much. Rating: Soft R

Real Person Fic

Written at [ profile] jensen_misha for the 12 Days of Christmas Meme:

Screw a White Christmas (I Just Want to be With You
Summary: Snow makes travelling difficult, but Misha is determined to make it back to Jensen for Christmas Eve. Rating: PG
The Right Valve
Summary: Misha "supervises" Jensen doing housework. He gets "distracted" or something. Rating: PG
Unexpected Results
Summary: While playing truth or dare, Richard dares Misha to fuck Jensen. Rating: PG-13

Original Fiction

Sex(!Pan Glitter Party) Is Not The Enemy
Summary: Written for [ profile] villainny's Sex Is Not The Enemy Fic/Art/Whatever-A-Thon challenge. Lesbian. Masturbation. She gets back from the party, but she isn't satisfied yet. Rating: NC-17

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