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I thought it might be worth while to mention that, though the snow has stopped, I got to spend an hour outside digging my car out from under all of it.

I actually walked past my car in the lot, doubled back, and dug out the snow in the vicinity of the car-like mound of snow's bumper to check if it was actually my car was actually under there.

I offer my profound gratitude to the individual who lent me her shovel and kept me company as I quite literally dug my car out from under five feet of snow.

I'm getting a shovel for Christmas.

We're supposed to get hit again this weekend.

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I've been refraining from posting lately because RL kind of sucks, but I figured this was worth mentioning:

My BalconyPeople tobogganing down the hill.  You can't see the steps I need to walk up to get to work.The balcony across from me.

It was sunny with flurries Sunday morning, but when I got out from church at noon you could hardly see in front of you on account of the heavy snowfall.

The university (by which I am employed), struggled valiantly to remain open on Monday, but cancelled classes at 11:30 am. The rest of the university closed down and set everyone home at 1 pm.

I woke up this morning to find the university remained closed today, and won't open tomorrow. That last part is due to the fact that London city transit had to shut the busses down at 3pm (effectively signalling the closure of the entire city), because the busses were getting stuck in snow drifts.

Apparently we're in a state of near emergency:

The stats:

On Monday: 31 inches/80 cm
On Tuesday: 6 inches/ 15 cm (so far)
Three Day Accumulation so far: Over a meter to date. I've been hearing 120 cm (47 inches)

On the plus side, this five day weekend we're getting has given me a lot of time to bake.

Banana bread, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies and morning glory muffins.

I've also been listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas albums. One song, "What is Christmas?" defines it as an excuse to tolerate snow ;)

ETA: I don't think I've ever heard so many ambulance sirens in all my time living across from the hospital. Why do people drive in bad weather?

On a side note, if you want to sponsor my half marathoning, go to my fundraising page. I've been snowed out of running for the past three days, but as soon as the university opens again I'll be back on the treadmill and track, and as soon as the roads are plowed I'll be back on them too.


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