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I'm now 1,000 words into my Leverage/SPN fic. Only 9,000 to go. Five days left to do it!

On the plus side, my afternoon is pretty open (might even go to donate blood), so I'll have some time to write. Bizmark starts puppy classes tonight, though, so there's an hour I don't have.

In other news, [personal profile] fleshlycherry/[ profile] fleshlycherry linked me to [ profile] inlovewithnight, who posted a meme that is relevant to my interests and 90% of my conversations with Cherry. It's SFW, but contains comments about kink, just to warn.

Creature/Aliens: Not really. I'll read it if the story looks go or if it happens to be there, but I wouldn't go out of my way to find it, nor would I click unless it was rec'd.

Mpreg: Doesn't turn my crank, but when I'm desperate for fic I've been known to try it. Nine times out of ten I regret it.

Slave, BDSM, S/M: The original meme grouped these together, but [ profile] inlovewithnight broke it down to the following:

Pain: As long as both parties enjoy it, 100% yes.

Humiliation, shaming: Not so much. I enjoy dirty talk, and the degrading things that come out of that are good for me, but I don't really like it when it's public, or it's meant to be hurtful, regardless of consent or aftercare.

Power exchange, dominance and submission: Yes. Yes. Yes. ZOMG! YES! This is probably my biggest kink.

Slavefic: Not so much.

Age difference: Huge fictional kink for me. All of my Harry Potter fic was Harry/Snape, or Harry/Lucius. Something about older men just does it for me. Not as big of a fan of older woman with younger man, but if it's done well I'll enjoy it too. Same for Femslash.

Bloodplay: Yes. But not vampires.

Underage (chan): Not so much, and especially not chan. I don't mind if there's the temptation/struggle with age difference, but I'm always happier when nothing serious happens until characters are of age.

Crossdressing/Genderbender: I can enjoy cross dressing if it's well written. I also enjoy genderbending in the trans-sense, but I don't like genderswap (i.e. woke up one morning the opposite sex). I've always wanted to write the fic dealing with full FTM or MTF transition. I had a few friends/acquantences in high school who underwent surgery, and they were lucky enough to have very supportive friends and families help them.

Bodyswap: Zero interest.

Dubcon: Yes, but only in the "I didn't really want to, but you convinced me" sense, and not in the "I didn't want it but you made me come anyway" sense.

Noncon: No, though I'll stipulate that I love fic about rape fantasy/roleplay. And there was the one fic where the character went out looking to be raped that shouldn't have been hot but was.

Incest/Selfcest: It really depends on my mood. I'm not against either, but I likely won't go out looking for it.

Threesome/moresome/gangbang: All of them. In fact, they should be in fic more often. Seriously.

Death: Definately not a kink. Unless I'm feeling a little melancholy and I want to be punched in the heart, I tend to avoid. Read a few good fics over the years, though.

Watersports/scat: No.

Crossovers: YES! ZOMG YES! I am queen of Crossovers! My head incorporates EVERYTHING!

Unhappy/wide-open endings: Definately. I might whine and beg for a sequel, but I enjoy unhappy/ambiguous endings. [ profile] gatorgrrrl writes some awesome angsty, ambiguous fic that I practically melt for.

Violence/Torture: Not so much. Unless it's well written I will avoid.

Established relationship: Not really. I much prefer seeing the build-up of a relationship.

Date: 2011-04-11 04:51 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] fleshlycherry
LIES! I'll give you 80% of our online conversations (the other 20% being equally divided between non-kinky fandom stuff and RL).

WRITE BITCH, WRITE! I'm so looking forward to your visit this weekend :D


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