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Thank goodness for LJ drafts and the autosaving function. I typed up this long rant (under the cut), that boils down to "No one I know in London wants to discuss issues relevant in the world today, and instead want to watch 'Reality TV.' Not that I'm poopooing RTV, I just think people should have a better grasp on what's going on in the world around them. Then my computer got a virus, and it's eliminated my ability to run a virus scan, system restore, or any malware programs. Any suggestions?

On another note, three things.

1) It's snowing. Admittedly, it's mostly rain at the moment, but an hour ago there were large, white flakes. I'm 100% done with this whole snow thing. Just so you know.

2) Pet peeve of mine, when people aren't consistant in their use of verb tenses. I think one of the first things an author should consider before words hit paper/screen, should be to decide whether they want to write it in past or present tense. THEN STICK WITH IT.

3) As part of my whole "I JUST HIT THE RESET BUTTON" thing, I'm trying to decide if I want to enter the dating world again. More specifically, I'm trying to decide if I want to ask a guy that I met last weekend out for dinner. He's fun, seems to have a good sense of humor (i.e. can laugh at himself), in is in the same position in life as I am. (Context: the last guy I dated had very little drive or direction in his life while I was ready for "bigger and better things." The guy before that had never gone to college/univeristy, had declared bankrupcy in the past, and had a five year old son. He didn't really understand why I wanted to stay in and study, and I couldn't handle kids at the time).

I've just never asked a guy out before. I'm always the askee.

Any advice for asking a guy out, or encouraging him to ask me out?

When I was younger I used to argue everything from the best food and music to religion and politics with whoever I could drag into it with me. I love a good controversy and, for the most part, I back up what I'm saying with facts. Also, and [ profile] fleshlycherry has seen, I'm willing to eat my words (or at least find a better way to phrase them).

Unfortunately, over the years, I've been given the impression that disagreement is something to avoid at all costs. It's not a good thing to promote controversy and discussion, and only men should have strong opinions about the state of the world. (The latter fact comes from a lot of women that I know, and not the men in my life).

This often results in having a lot of ideas and opinions and no one to share them with, either because they're on topics my London peeps don't want to discuss/have never considered/think are strange, or because they just don't bother to inform themselves.

I bring it up know because I want to share a few websites, and because Canada is having it's fourth Federal election in seven years, and I'm really getting into politics again. My home riding is considered to be one to watch out for because there is a good chance it will be a swing vote. It has a large (liberal) university community, but a lot of more conservative residents, and with school out at the time of elections there is a good chance the mildly unpopular liberal incumbant could be ousted. There is also a very slight chance that we could get a majority government (though unlikely, because both the leaders for the liberal and conservative parties [the two major players in Canadian politics at the moment]) are asshats).

As for the websites, I would like to bring your attention to Sex Is Not The Enemy, a NSFW website featuring provocative and artistic photographs, comics and commentary about sex positivity, and Healthy Is The New Skinny, an e-zine dedicated to fostering healthy bodies and body images in women.

The first site gets you thinking about sexual morality, normality and what turns you on. It also makes you re-evaluate any prejudices you might have (at least for me), and I think it's worth checking out.

The second site is kind of a fashion magazine that features attractive, healthy models (who may be anywhere from "athletic" to "plus," but never anorexic, and some really thought provoking articles about the way women view themselves today.

I recommend checking them out, then let me know what you think. I'm jonesing for a good conversation.

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