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I'm doing a sticky post with my Big Bang dates so I can keep track of everything I'm supposed to be doing. They're in order of dates. Progress is under the cuts.

1) [ profile] pre_post_spnbb - 10,000 word draft due April 15
Summary: The Winchester brothers meet Leverage Inc while trying to heist the same item. Turns out what they're trying to steal is cursed. Then things get complicated.

I've got the basic premise down, but not much else.

2) [ profile] crossbigbang - 15,000 word draft due April 20
Summary: Castiel is an angel of the Lord using Jimmy Novak as a vessel. Dean is the righteous man destined to save Humanity. Together they fight crimemonsters. Now the BAU is investigating a bizzare string of grave desicrations, arsons, exorcisms gone wrong and homicides that don't look humanly possible.

I have the entire story plotted out. Looks like it'll be longer than 15,000 words, though.

3) [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang - 20,000 word draft due May 1
Summary: Growing up can't be easy for the gay or sexually confused. When Jensen and Jared meet in college, they're well on their way to being the men they were shaped into. Their friendship gives them the strength to change. And then their friendship changes. (A long, slow J2 romance).

900 / 20000

There are more words in a note book, but this is all I have typed.

4) [ profile] darkangel_bb - 10,000 word draft due May 30
Summary: An AU for the second season of Dark Angel, told from Alec's point of view. Likely going to be Max/Alec.

4) [ profile] scifibigbang - 25,000 word draft due July 1
Summary: The Master is determined to obtain his own Tardis, and will stop at nothing to get it. Gwen Cooper/Williams finds herself in possession of a mysterious briefcase that doesn't really seem worth dying over. Captain Jack Harkness is in prison, but he knows what to do with the briefcase. And why is Ianto working for the Master? This is a Torchwood remake of the movie Willow, with Gwen as Willow, Jack as Madmartigan, Ianto as Sorcha, Tosh and Owen as Brownies (IDEK), and The Master as Queen Bavmorda.

5) [ profile] au_bigbang - 15,000 word draft due July 1
Summary: When implanted in a person's wrist, a TiMER counts down to the day the wearer finds true love. But Jared faces a rare dillema: his TiMER is blank. His soul mate doesn't have her TiMER implanted yet. Tired of waiting Jared decides to find love on his own. (A J2 remake of the movie Timer).

6) [ profile] deancasbigbang - 20,000 word draft due August 15
Summary: A sequel to A Love Story Told In Reverse. It's tentatively titled The Apocalypse Told on Repeat.

7) [ profile] j2_kane_bigbang - 10,000 word draft due August 31.
Summary: Not totally planned out yet, but it's going to be about polyamoury, featuring Jensen married to Danneel with a side of J2. It should be fun.

I'll keep updating this as I go. Draft dates will change to posting dates, and I'll add more Big Bangs as I go.

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