May. 18th, 2010

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On the topic of the random lab drama I've been experiencing regarding my post-translational modification project, I've got some new developments that both entertain me and make me tear my hair out.

1) Aparently the girl who liedmisinterpreted my request about some data got into huge shit from her supervisor. This makes me happy and explains her sudden helpfulness with me in the lab.

2) Aparently Human Embryonic Kidney cell lines don't always express the vital enzymes required for your experiments, but because I was following the protocol of the above lab, using the exact same cells, I didn't think to check. Therefore I had no idea why none of my experiments were working. I am now armed with constructs for the appropriate enzyme, a fancy kit to purify proteins, and an even fancier kit to test out the reaction.

3) I don't get to go to San Diego for Neuroscience.

4) I likely get to go to Philidelphia for Cell Biology.

5) I really want a nap, all the time (because the project stresses me out).

6) Flobots is a surprisingly entertaining band (I realize this ahas nothing to do with the project).

On an unrelated note, my MSc supervisor is finally coming to visit to bring the final reagents we need to finish up my project with her. There is a paper in the works.


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