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This is a super long post about real life (and somewhat fandom, so I'll break it down).

I've been itching to cross SPN with Criminal Minds, because they're both awesome shows. I resisted, though, because I really don't need anymore ideas.

But then Bobby made an appearance in Montana in CM (read Jim Beaver played the sheriff in one episode), followed by Azazel killing some dudes in California (read Fredric Lehne played a BAMF!Dad looking for his daughter).

It's like television was taunting me, egging me on to come up with a crossover.

So I went out and picked up a profiling book from the library so I could bullshit my way through something if I decide to ever do it.

My awesome Bulgarian lab mate V came with me to pick up the book and started flipping through it while I put in requests for some papers about my research project that we can't access through the university directly. Just as the librarian is wondering why some girl studying protein modifications is picking up a book on criminal profiling, V comes across some pictures of cadavers and freaks out in the middle of the library. I might have lol'd.

On a side note, my protein interaction actually occurs! After eight months of optimization, I'm finally seeing something! I'm going to have to make a few changes to protocols to clean the immunoblots up, but it's there, and should yield a paper by the end of the year.

That will be TWO papers out this year, because I've finally got the supplies and protocols needed to finish up my stuff from the Kalisch lab.

That said, I'll be in the lab Canada Day (which is actually kind of awesome, because I've confirmed no one else will be, meaning I have the office space to myself, as well as the culture hood (woot!). In addition to working on the holiday, I'll be in most of the weekend as well trying to get a replicate (n=2ish).

Hoping to get everything done before I go away for a superlong weekend next week to visit my awesome British friend P to do wine tastings and see a bazzilion plays.

*sighs contently*

Life is pretty good right now.

(ETA: I keep having to edit this because I'm finding typos and format issues. I think it's because I nearly split my skull open last night when I banged my head against a cabinet door. Bled and everything >.>)

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